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   Chapter 974 You Don't Know Him

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"What's the matter?" Although the question was asked in concern, Sheryl harbored no affection for Roger and faced him with a cold expression. Not expecting to have a long conversation with him, Sheryl looked at him unheedingly.

"I just wanted to tell you…

what you saw today… it's not real," slightly stammering, Roger explained. It wasn't clear to Roger himself why he would even try to explain this to Sheryl. There was just the feeling of not wanting Sheryl to misunderstand him in such a way.

Giving a polite smile, Sheryl said, "Roger, you don't need to tell me. You should just go and explain to Helin. She's been anxiously waiting for your explanation for too long."

"It has nothing to do with Helin because I don't have any feelings for her at all," Roger explained with haste. It seemed as though he was afraid Sheryl would get too angry and just leave abruptly.

Taking two steps forward, Roger looked at Sheryl and said rather fretfully, "I never liked her from the beginning. I really don't have any feelings for her. You must believe me."

"And so what if I believe your words? Would it make a difference? You think it matters enough to change anything?" The doubt was evident in Sheryl's voice. It was still rather puzzling to her that he was even explaining anything to her at all. "I still don't quite understand why you're talking about this with me. What are you trying to do? You should talk to Helin, not me because I don't think my opinion matters much to you."

As a matter of fact, Sheryl simply decided not to believe what Roger said anymore. No matter how much he explained, she would not be convinced. Moreover, she could feel the regret of helping him in the past seeping into her chest.

Although Helin was arrogant and acted unreasonably at times, Sheryl knew that she was, deep down, a good and kind-hearted girl with real and serious feelings for Roger.

When Roger heard Sheryl's words, he smiled bitterly. Even he had to admit that regardless of whether or not he explained things clearly to Sheryl, nothing would change. There was no way Roger could change anything by merely saying a few words to the person in front of him.

Sheryl was Charles' wife; she was Mrs. Lu. All Roger could do was ask himself, 'What on earth am I expecting? What kind of fantasy do I still have about this woman?'

The answer was still lost to him, yet, he said to Sheryl with a forced smile, "I just don't want you to misunderstand me as others do. That's all."

Taking a moment to pause, Sheryl cast a cold glance at him and said, "Roger, if you really care about what I think of you, I suggest that you go and clear things up with Helin. No matter what you plan on doing, she's innocent. She's someone who's done so much for you. You shouldn't sever your relationship so easily because of such a matter. It's not fair to her. Go

nse, Heron heaved a sigh. "Look at you! You were so drunk last night. You could've easily run into danger. Have you even thought about the consequences of your actions? Is it really worth it to devastate yourself like this for that bastard, Roger?"

"I know what's worthwhile for myself. Stay out of my business," Helin coldly replied, stubborn as a rock. Still adamant about her father not getting involved in her relationship with Roger, she turned to face him abruptly and snapped, "If it weren't for you, I would've been happy with him. We would get along well and have a good time together by now. But because of you... You ruined it! You destroyed our relationship. It's your fault. And you stand there asking me if it's worthwhile? That's hilarious!"

By then, Helin's face had turned red with anger. Taking a deep breath, she went on, "Listen to me. I will hate you for the rest of my life because of what you've done to me and Roger. I hate you and I don't want to see you anymore!"

"How can you talk to me like that? I am your father."

Helin's words deeply irritated Heron and he rebuked, "Everything I've ever done has been for you. I've done so much for your sake. I never expected that you would always appreciate my efforts, but you can't blame me for caring about you. I've been struggling in this society for several years, much longer than you. I know how to judge a person's character much better than you. You have absolutely no idea what kind of a person Roger is. You just want to be with him, regardless of his background and personality. You even look down at me for his sake... Have you forgotten that I am your father?"

"You don't know Roger at all. You're not qualified to judge him."

Losing all control of her anger and hateful emotions, Helin raised her voice as she blurted out, "Roger is a very good man. He's extremely kind to me. You don't know what you're talking about!"

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