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   Chapter 973 Love On The Brain

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"You are lying!" Helin cried out. She clearly couldn't accept such absurdity. Roger seemed unfazed, however. Her glares did not intimidate nor move him. She pointed at Bessie and, with her head towards Roger, began yelling once again. "What is it about this woman that attracts you? Why are you marrying her instead of me? What makes you think she is any better than me?"

"Helin! Please, come to your senses!" Her father called out. Heron felt really embarrassed to see Helin humiliate herself in front of so many eyes. He would have done anything to make it all go away, to get her out of the rabbit hole she was sinking herself into. He had a hard time containing his disappointment. Despite that, he tried to calm himself down and addressed Helin with a stern face, "You drank too much today. You need to go get some rest."

"I'm not drunk," She asserted forcing a smile. Then, her demeanor suddenly changed as if she had just had an epiphany. She turned to Heron with a hostile look and started blaming him. "It's all your fault! If it weren't for you, Roger wouldn't do this to me. You'd better stay out of my business from now on and leave me alone!"

At the sound of her words, a smirk flashed across Roger's face as if Helin's accusations pleased him.

His reaction revealed what was really inside his mind, but he didn't think anyone would be paying attention to him or notice it. However, when he raised his head, he was met by Sheryl's blazing eyes.

Heron was overcome by anger, but he still managed to put on an act in front of the crowd. He responded to Helin's comments on a low but patronizing tone, "You have to get hold of yourself! You can't allow alcohol to turn you into this kind of person all the time. I'm going to start restricting your drinking from now on! You have crossed the line tonight."

He then turned towards the crowd with a fake smile, attempting to persuade everyone that Helin was indeed drunk. "I am really sorry. My daughter has had too much to drink. I hope everyone doesn't…"

As Heron was trying to appease the crowd with a statement and prevent the dinner party from turning into a disaster, Helin was not about to budge on her request.

Ignoring the inopportune timing, she kept asking for her answers. "You have to tell me. What does she have that I don't? Why are you doing this to me? I don't get it." She sighed and continued, "You know that I've loved you ever since I met you. You mean everything to me. All these years, the looks, the talks, the raised heartbeats... you can't say you haven't felt them too. If you really don't love me as you claim, then why have you strung me along? Why have you deceived me for so long? Please tell me that what you just said isn't true. Tell me you don't mean it."

Helin grabbed Roger's hand and looked him in the eye for a few moments, then inquired, "Has my dad said something to change your mind? You have to tell me. If so, you shouldn't pay attention to it. This concerns only us two. No matter his words, my love for you will never change. Trust me. Don't let his words get in between us."

"Helin, all these years... that's not how I see them. You have been misinterpreting everything," Rog

Roger had not expected to see Sheryl there. The situation was a bit awkward for him but all he could do was to act calmly and continue to play along.

He had a goal in mind and was willing to do anything for it.

"Why are you asking? Huh? Tell me!" She demanded, infuriated. She pulled her arm out of his hold and expressed her disappointment. "Roger, now I really regret giving you a hand when you were in trouble three years ago. You don't deserve it. You aren't half the man I thought you were."

Sheryl didn't want to waste any more time talking to Roger. She immediately rushed out in hopes to still catch up to Helin.

However, Helin was gone without a trace.

That caused her to turn into a bundle of nerves, as she was afraid that Helin might do something stupid. She decided to reach out to Heron and ask for his help. Seeing Sheryl's honest concern, Heron got really moved. With a resigned expression, he instantly consoled her, "Oh, this child of mine! Never a dull moment with her! Sorry to make you worried but you don't have to be. She knows how to take care of herself. She always has."

Heron then caught sight of Roger in the distance, who had just raised his glass and was about to propose a toast. The image felt like adding salt on the wound for the poor father.

So he excused himself, "Well… Looks like I'll be leaving now." The hostess was gone anyway, so it was impolite even for Sheryl to stay there any longer. She offered Heron a respectful bow and then made her way out of the venue as well. Her driver was waiting outside patiently. As soon as she opened the door, a large shadow of a man overcast her.

"Wait a minute, Sheryl," Roger called out.

Sheryl turned around, a little surprised to see him approach her again. Then her brows creased into a demeaning stare. She was appalled by his earlier disregard for Helin. No matter what had happened between them, he should have at least tried to defend her reputation publicly. Instead, he humiliated her even more. That kind of a person could not call himself a man.

Moreover, Sheryl could easily tell that he didn't love Bessie either.

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