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   Chapter 972 I Thought Of You As My Sister

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Holding the microphone in her hand, Helin stared at the entrance once again. Marking the lost look on her face, the emcee took over once again. "Looks like birthday girl got slightly nervous," the emcee laughed and tried to break the silence and fill it up with a bit of humor to engage the guests. Handing her microphone to Helin once again, she continued, "Today is Miss He's big day. I'm sure that she must have much to share with you. So I will leave the stage to her. I'd like to hear your applause, guys. Welcome, Miss He!"

The guests looked at Helin, waiting for her to speak. The paparazzi went on with their cameras. And amidst the entire hustle bustle, Helin stood still, lost into her thoughts. In fact, she didn't care a damn about the stupid party. All she wanted was to meet Roger and confess her feelings to him.

She had made such an elaborate arrangement only to see him. All the people who had gathered there meant nothing to her. Her heart wrenched as there was still no sign of the one and only person she was dying to see.

She laughed sardonically in the heart. Now that so many people had gathered at the party for her, she had to continue the show, with or without Roger. Otherwise, she would end up making a fool of herself. Both Helin's and her father's reputation would be at risk. She could not afford it at any cost. She pulled herself up and forced a smile as she addressed the crowd.

"First of all, thank you all for your coming..." Helin started her speech. Though she addressed the guests, she could not feel connected with them. She stood on the stage absentmindedly, sharing some pleasantries. The guests present were big shots of Y City. They were running out of patience as they didn't come here to waste their precious time hearing her rubbish.

Heron watched his daughter from afar and marked the reaction of the guests. He thought of saving the day and walked onto the stage hurriedly. He took the microphone from Helin's hand; he couldn't hear anymore. With a laugh, he said, "I'm sorry, everyone. My daughter was spoiled by me. Evidently, she is not a great speaker. Please forgive her."

He successfully came to Helin's rescue and engaged them with his speech. The next flow of events was to cut the birthday cake. Sheryl initially planned to let Helin propose to Roger during the process. However, since Roger didn't make his appearance, Helin just blew out the candles, made a wish and cut the cake with a grumpy face. As soon as she cut the cake, she could not hold herself any longer on the stage.

She hurried off the stage and ran straight toward Sheryl. She grabbed Sheryl's hand tightly and pleaded, "Sheryl, please do me a favor and call up Roger."

Sheryl cast a stern look at her

he most casual manner, ignoring Helin's reaction.

Helin had her eyes popped out and her mouth open as she heard Roger announce his marriage. Pain and humiliation surfaced on her face like an open wound. She could not believe it. Even if it came from Roger's mouth, she did not want to believe it. Tears pooled her eyes as she stammered, "And what about me?"

"You?" Roger drew a warm smile and replied, "I thought of you as my little sister." After a pause, he continued, "Oh, would you like to be my bridesmaid when I get married?"

Helin gave a desperate laugh, tears bursting out of her eyes as she laughed. "You are so mean to me, Roger Han," she responded dejectedly.

'It doesn't make sense. I never expected this. Roger is supposed to be with me. But why did he choose that woman?' she mused.

"Are you mad at me, Roger?" Helin asked softly wiping the tears off her cheeks. Regardless of so many guests and reporters, she moved forward and held Roger's hand. "I am the one you like. Then why did you choose this woman? Did I do anything wrong? If I did, please let me know. I will do anything I can to make things right," Helin implored swallowing her pride.

Seeing Helin beg in front of Roger like this, Sheryl couldn't bear to see it any longer. She squeezed her way through the crowd towards Helin. She held the latter's hand and said, "Miss He, you are drunk. Please stop talking nonsense." Sheryl tried to pull Helin out of the crowd but she remained rooted at her place refusing to budge even an inch away from Roger.

Sheryl's appearance took Roger by surprise. With a slight smile, he repeated, "It's not funny, Helin. I always treat you as my sister. How would I have a crush on you?"

Holding Bessie's shoulder, he turned towards her and said, "I like Bessie, and we have decided to get married."

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