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   Chapter 971 Birthday Party

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The day had finally arrived. It was Helin's birthday. It was a big event and Sheryl got up early at her usual time. She got ready and drove straight to the hotel where Helin's birthday party was to be held. After she handed over her car to the valet for getting it parked, she arrived at the hall where the birthday party was supposed to be held. She walked through the lobby to supervise the staff, checking the sitting arrangements, floral decorations, and the food. After discussing the on-site layout with the staff, she picked up her phone to make sure that the emcee was reaching the venue on time.

Around 9:00 am, Helin came to the hotel as well. She entered the immaculately done up party hall. She looked around with amazement and could not help but appreciate the flawless arrangement made by Sheryl. Sheryl was standing right there marking the satisfaction on Helin's face. Soon, their eyes met and they exchanged a formal smile. Sheryl came forward and ushered her inside the hall.

As they walked further inside the hall, Helin marveled at the hall and thought to herself, 'I love the design. I am sure my guests will be impressed as well.' Although she was upset with Sheryl for refusing to help her, she could not stop herself from appreciating Sheryl's efforts to put together a marvelous design for her birthday.

"Miss He, the work is almost done. What do you think of the design? Please let me know if you have any other requirement," Sheryl addressed politely, as she came forward and stopped in front of Helin. Helin maintained a straight face and replied blandly without looking at Sheryl, "Not bad."

Sheryl heaved a sigh of relief.

"Keep an eye on them. I got to go," Helin instructed, taking a quick look at Sheryl.

Helin's next destination was the beauty salon. She had made an appointment for a party make up at one of the finest salons in the city. She turned her wrist to check the time on her wristwatch and thought, 'I need to hurry up.'

Sheryl glanced at Helin, and replied, "Yes, I will."

Helin patted Sheryl's shoulder and said, "I will give you a handsome reward for this." Sheryl felt awkward as she followed Helin's hand with her eyes as it came on her shoulder and then Helin took it away from her.

Helin maintained a nonchalant expression unmoved by Sheryl's reaction as she spoke and took her leave from the party venue. She already regarded Sheryl as her subordinate, it seemed.

Sheryl got irked but ignored her arrogant attitude. As Helin left, Sheryl went out and bought some beverages and fruits for the workers. It was a hot day after all and the workers had been sweating it out to make the perfect arrangement.

Sheryl handed over the drinks personally to each worker who looked up at her with regard and gratef

e and her eyes went blank as she could not see Roger walk into the party as yet. Her heartbreak could very well be noticed on her face.

Heron was completely nonchalant towards Helin's feeling. He cast a stern glance at her and said, "I have let you do whatever you want since your childhood. But I will not make any concessions this time. If you dare to do anything against my wishes, don't blame me for hurting your love."

Heron then turned around and walked away. Helin kept staring at him from his back seething with anger.

Sheryl reminded Helin, "Miss He, it's 7:00. I don't think there is any hope for him to come to the party. The guests are waiting for you to start the party."

"I see," Helin responded impassively. Helin looked away from Sheryl as she was still upset with her. 'Would Roger have been here if she had agreed to do me the favor?' she wondered.

"Okay then, start the party," Helin said sounding utterly depressed as she cast an expectant look once again towards the entrance of the hall.

Sheryl summoned the emcee to give her speech.

"Here we embrace the prosperous midsummer as we gather together to celebrate Miss Helin He's birthday party. First of all, please allow me to share my sincere gratitude to all the esteemed guests on behalf of Miss He!" As the emcee's bewitching voice echoed through the hall, a round of heated applause broke out among the crowd. "Now, let us welcome our birthday girl..."

She repeated it several times but Helin sat still as if she heard nothing. She was distracted. Heron's face darkened with fury. Sheryl strode ahead to Helin and whispered to her, "It's your turn, Miss He."

Sheryl's reminder broke her reverie. Helin hurried to the stage and walked to the emcee's side. She took the microphone and addressed the guests with a smile—a smile that failed to reach her eyes.

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