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   Chapter 970 Pick Sheryl Up

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"Is there any problem?" Sheryl asked with a wide smile. She then added, "Actually, I feel safer that it is you who is managing our company now. You should also know that I don't have the skill to operate a company. Thus, it is really you who should be taking over it. However, I'm very good at planning. We'll definitely be good business partners."

"Sher, I couldn't always stay here," replied Isla as she shot Sheryl an apologetic stare.

It was only after a few seconds that Sheryl looked at Isla and realized that she wasn't joking at all. She instantly got worried and asked, "What do you mean by that? Is there something wrong?"

"None," answered Isla while helplessly shaking her head. She continued, "I just want to remind you that the company is yours. You should learn how to manage it. In terms of writing plans, there are many young planners. You should create opportunities for them too, right? You can't just take the bread out of these planners' mouth, can you?"

"Uh…" Sheryl was taken aback by Isla's words. She never thought of that since she came back and worked for the company. She had buried herself into writing plans and completely forgot about the young planners that were employed by their company. It seemed that it was the perfect time to offer them some opportunities.

"Oh, my God! I nearly forget about this!" she exclaimed as she patted her forehead. An embarrassed smile cracked her lips as she said to Isla, "You are right. After I finish the two cases I'm currently working on, I'll hand the other cases to them."

"That's all right. I will gradually hand my things to you in the next few days. You are the real boss of the company. You should take your true responsibility now," said Isla as she put on a wide smile.

"Please be honest with me, Isla. What's wrong? Is there anything bad that happened?" Sheryl said worriedly as she stared at Isla.

Isla paused for a second upon hearing her words. Based on Sheryl's concerned expression, she knew that Sheryl had misunderstood her. That was funny! Thus, she said with a smile, "Sher, I have been staying here since you left three years ago. I do so becau

e me should have her own worth too."

She then continued, "Although my salary is far less than yours, it can still support me and my kids. That should be enough."

"What do you mean by that? Do you want to separate with me again?" Charles sharply turned to her and asked in an unhappy voice.

"No! Of course, not!" Charles' reaction got Sheryl surprised. Thus, she ended up turning to him immediately while furrowing her eyebrows. Sweet Jesus! How was she supposed to explain what she just said? A big smile suddenly cracked her lips. "I absolutely don't want to break up with you. However, if the day comes that I need to, at least I also have the capability to support our kids. I can't just stay at home. I don't want a huge gap between our statuses. Do you get what I mean?"

"That day will not come." Charles suddenly caught Sheryl's hand forcefully.

"What?" exclaimed Sheryl as she didn't understand what he just said.

Charles held Sheryl's hand tighter and repeated, "I said, I will not let the day when we have to separate with each other come."

He had waited for Sheryl for three years. He wanted to spend his life with Sheryl and not to separate with her again.

"I know. I don't have any plans of being separated from you too," she replied honestly.

Now that they had decided to be together forever, there wouldn't be anyone and anything that could separate them. That was an unwavering fact for Sheryl.

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