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   Chapter 969 Your Work State

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Sheryl was dumbfounded after she heard Charles' explanation. She had never thought that the decision to fire Marcus had more story to it. She wore a wry smile and tried to convince Charles, "However, no matter how it was, Marcus did nothing wrong. If you dismissed him, it might ruin his life."

Charles replied with a stern face, "If his wife wasn't so greedy, he wouldn't have suffered such a serious consequence. Marcus has chosen such a mean and wicked woman as his wife and tolerated her wrongdoings all the time, so he has to take full responsibility of its consequences."

He stared at Sheryl and continued, "Sher, no one in the world should blindly tolerate another person's offence. Since he allowed it, he had to pay its price. Even if I don't punish him today, there would be someone who would give him a lesson in the future. Do you understand?"

He held Sheryl's hands gently and comforted her, "All right, don't be angry. If our relationship gets influenced by others, it is not worth it."

"But..." Sheryl wanted to say something, but Charles interrupted her with a warm smile. He then skipped to the next topic. "Tell me, what on earth happened today? You always drive cautiously. How did your car collide with another car?"

Thinking about the car crash, she got reminded of the other car that sneakily followed her before the accident. She frowned slightly as she informed Charles of the incident. "I don't know why, but I always feel that someone had been following me recently."

"Are you telling me you're being tailed on?" Charles was shocked. He never heard this news from any of the bodyguards he hired to protect Sheryl. "What happened?"

"I don't know exactly." Sheryl shook her head and looked straight at Charles. "I am not sure if it was just my imagination. There was a car that seemed to be following me the entire day. I intentionally drove around the city to get rid of it, but it continued to tail on me for some time. As I was trying to drive away from it, I didn't see an

would look after her for you."

It was almost lunchtime, but Sheryl was still immersed in her projects. She got startled when she heard a knock from her door and Isla peaked from outside. "As you fortunately escaped death in that car accident yesterday, did you plan to starve yourself to death today?"

Amused by Isla's words, she answered with a grin, "I'm almost done. Give me five minutes."

Five minutes later, after saving her projects on the computer, she stood up and went straight to Isla's desk. "Let's go for lunch."

At the restaurant, Isla could not help but take deep glances at Sheryl. To be honest, she felt a little guilty that she had to ask her back to work so early.

However, half of the company projects are currently assigned to Sheryl. "Sher, here's the thing. I should have told you this before." Sitting down with her and ordering their lunch, she couldn't help but comment, "I know that you love your job, but when it comes to administering a company, you still have a lot to learn than merely finishing several projects."

Sheryl got confused by Isla's words so she asked warily, "Isla, if you have anything to tell me, just go straight to the point."

Isla hesitated for a second before she replied, "Actually, it is not a serious problem. I just think you are more like a company employee than a boss."

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