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   Chapter 968 The Icing On The Cake

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Staring fixedly at Sheryl, the woman continued, "Besides, I've already made a compromise. So I suggest you think carefully and make the right decision."

"You..." Sheryl scrambled to say something. Flustered, she kept thinking, 'I swear to God, I'm about to bite her head off right now.' She couldn't take it any longer and decidedly stated, "You know what? I am done reasoning with you." She turned to Charles and urged him, "Honey, stay out of this, please. I am going to call the police."

The next second, her phone was in her hands. As she was about to dial the number, Charles grabbed her by the arm and pleaded, "Sweetie, it's not a big deal. If she wants $20, 000, let's just give it to her and get it over with."

"You don't get it," Sheryl cried out in anger, shaking her head. She stared at Charles for a few seconds before slowly letting out her frustrations through her clenched jaw.

"She is blackmailing us! I can't allow this. There's no way we'll give her that money!"

Charles was not giving in either but he did not want to make a scene. As a wise businessman, he always had the upper hand. He already had a plan on how to deal with them. He would not allow this woman to take advantage of Sheryl like that. Holding Sheryl's hands, Charles convinced her to pay the amount the woman had asked for. "Trust me," he added, "this is not over yet."

Sheryl's frazzled look concerned him. Charles wanted to end that situation at any cost and get her to rest as soon as possible.

"$20, 000 right?" he reiterated, calm as a cucumber. It was the calm before the storm. He looked at the woman with contempt awaiting her reply.

"Yes," the woman replied instantly. She had witnessed the scene between them and couldn't keep herself from commenting, "Your... girlfriend is young and unreasonable. I'm glad you are a rational man and can see that this a win-win situation. Things will get really messy if the insurance company gets involved..."

Charles turned his back to her before she completed her train of thought. He headed straight to his car, took out the twenty thousand dollars and made his way back to her. When the woman saw the cash, her face lit up. It was enough to get that woman to stop talking. Charles handed her the money and demanded sternly, "Go ahead and check it."

"Oh, there is no need," the woman stated as she took the cash hastily. "I trust that it's all there." Blinded by her excitement, she did not n

up the phone, his face turned red with anger. He pulled his hand out of hers immediately and pushed the woman away spewing out even more words of wrath. Terrified, the woman reached out to grab his hand again, trying to calm him down. That was when he swatted her with a thud, like a mosquito, and stormed toward his car. She tumbled to the ground and remained there shivering.

As the whole scene ended, David started his car and drove away.

He took another glance at the distressed woman and was certain he had made the right choice.

On their way home, Sheryl remained silent and thoughtful. As they arrived at Dream Garden, she entered the house and went straight to their bedroom. Charles followed her inside and closed the door. He rested his hand over hers and asked, "What's up? Are you mad at me?"

"I don't get you." Sheryl frowned as she shook off his hand. "That man didn't do anything to me. In fact, he stood up for me. I don't think... that he deserves this," she complained.

"Sher..." Charles began elaborating, as he cupped her cheeks. "Yes, my main focus has been fixing the injustice done toward you, but I also have other concerns," he confessed.

Curious, Sheryl asked, "What do you mean?"

He gave her a tender smile and explained, "Marcus Song seems smart and experienced, but he lacks a backbone. He can be easily influenced by his wife's sudden whims. In the position he's been hired for, there's no room for mistakes. He will need to deal with big stakeholders and think tanks. What if his wife talks him into receiving bribes or the like? That's not a risk I can take. You know what I mean?"

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