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   Chapter 967 Blackmail

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"Ma'am? Did you just call me ma'am? Do you know how to address people properly?" The woman got angry by how Sheryl addressed her. She stared at Sheryl and felt even more irritated. "What do you exactly mean by that? I thought you were a polite woman. But how could you turn to be so thoughtless then? You should look at the brand of our car! Do you think that two thousand is enough to fix our car?"

The more the woman rebuked, the more distressed she was. "Moreover, We have wasted so much time with you. Don't you need to compensate us for our wasted time?"

"You…" That was when Sheryl understood that these people were just blackmailing her.

Although she was also angry, Sheryl knew that everything going on was her fault.

Thus, she tried to hold her anger and said, "So… how much do you think I should pay you then?"

Sheryl originally planned to buy peace. She would accept her price as long as she didn't ask for too much. She thought that it would be a lot easier to just take this as a lesson and promised not to do the same next time.

The woman was still about to say something when the man beside her suddenly grabbed the money in Sheryl's hand. "Fine! Our car isn't that much damaged anyway. I think two thousand is enough. We need to go now. Our son is still waiting for us at home."

"What's wrong with you?" The woman rebuked the man as she immediately took the money from him and put it in Sheryl's hand. Then she continued, "Didn't I tell you to be silent? What are you doing now?"

That made the man look at the woman helplessly and say, "Why don't you just leave things at this? She hit our car, but that wasn't her intent. Let's just take the money…"

"Is it because she is beautiful that you are being easily persuaded? Well, let me tell you this, I won't let her go so easily about this!" Determination was written all over the woman's face when she forced those words between her teeth.

Seeing the couple begin to quarrel because of her, Sheryl felt a little sorry. Thus, she stared at the woman and said in an embarrassed voice, "Stop fighting, okay? I think we'd better solve the problem as soon as possible. I also don't want to waste my time anymore. Name the price. How much do you want me to pay?"

"Twenty thousand," the woman demanded an impossible price. The man wa

mely furious now. She stared at the woman and said, "You just asked for twenty thousand. How come you say fifty thousand just now?"

"Sister, you couldn't lie through your teeth. I was constantly saying fifty thousand. How could it be twenty thousand?" said the woman in a calm voice as if she wasn't lying. She even added, "Twenty thousand? That is just so impossible."

Sheryl turned white with rage. She grabbed on Charles' arm and said, "I think we'd better call the police."

"No!" The woman quickly turned pale as soon as she heard Sheryl's plan. If the police truly came here, the insurance company would only compensate them no more than one thousand. A few seconds after she smiled embarrassingly. She then said, "Fine, leave it at that. I give you a discount and you just need to pay me twenty thousand now."

Sheryl stared at the greedy woman and didn't agree. Although Charles was rich, his money wasn't earned so easily. She couldn't allow others to blackmail them just like this.

Thus, she gave a sardonic smile and replied, "No way! I have told you I can only give you two thousand. If you agree, both of us will be happy and can go back home early. Otherwise, I have to call the police. By the way, I don't care about whether it is troublesome or not."

"Girl, why are you so ungrateful? I ask for this amount of money for your sake. Can't you see how damaged our car is? If you insist to call the police and notify the insurance company, you might have to pay more," said the woman as she stared at Sheryl discontentedly.

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