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   Chapter 966 A Car Accident

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"I didn't give it much thought," Susan responded as she lowered her head. "Mr. Han is my boss, but he apologized to me earnestly and begged me to forgive his girlfriend. He looked so sincere that I had no heart to refuse his request. So I agreed."

Though Sheryl was angry at how it ended, she finally stopped blaming the girl. With a wry smile, she said, "We are done with this topic. Things had already happened, so it's useless to scold you now."

Letting a sigh, she continued, "It's getting late. Go to sleep. I got to go."

Before she left, she reminded Susan to think twice before making a decision. She didn't step out of the Su family's apartment until the latter nodded in agreement.

Sheryl had been engrossed in her thoughts on her way home. According to what Susan said, George had learnt what Holley had done to her. However, he didn't bring it up in front of his girlfriend. Instead, he hired people to investigate on her.

'Now I understand why George would look into Holley. It looked like he didn't trust her as much as he did before,' she thought.

In between thoughts, she suddenly looked up and saw a suspicious car on her rear-view mirror. She kept driving and noticed that it seemed to remain behind her. It then crossed her mind that she was being followed. So she sped up deliberately, but the car behind ran faster too. She made a turn and took a detour with the thought that she would get rid of the car, but to her surprise, it remained to follow her at a distance.

Flustered, Sheryl stepped on the gas in an attempt to lose it. Unexpectedly she hit another car that appeared in front of hers.

"Bump!" The air bag went off as Sheryl slammed on the brakes. As a result, her face got buried in the air bag. She looked outside the car window and saw how the car behind drove past her as if nothing happened. But she wasn't able to see the driver's face since the car window was closed.

Before Sheryl could mull over who would follow her, the driver of the car she bumped into stepped out furiously. After checking the rear end of his car, he strode to the side of her car and knocked on her car window violently. She had no choice but to roll down the window. With an irritated look, he shouted at her, "Wh

o we think you can just give us some money as you please."

"Thank you for understanding," Sheryl responded. As a matter of fact, she didn't want to call the police. She couldn't help but tremble with fear at the thought of her accident. Now she was in no mood to deal with police officers. She thought it would just be best to settle it with money.

Sheryl bent down and took out her purse from her car. As she opened it, she found two thousand dollars inside. She then checked the couple's car and saw some scratches on it. 'It takes approximately ten thousand dollars to get their car repaired,' she thought.

But since the couple stayed to settle her mistake, she took out all the cash from her wallet. Looking guilty, she said apologetically, "I am really sorry for making you terrified. I have $2, 000. Please take it."

Before she could finish her words, the woman threw a dissatisfied glance at her. With a sneer, she said, "Seriously? You intended to use two thousand to settle this? No way."

Sheryl was confounded. She didn't know what else this woman wanted.

She knew that she was responsible for the accident which was why she decided to give them that much. In fact, her car was the one that was badly damaged, while the couple's car was only slightly scratched.

This was the cheapest car she had in her house. Three years ago, she spent all of her savings on this car.

With a baffled look at the woman, she clarified, "Excuse me, ma'am, I don't know what you meant."

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