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   Chapter 965 He is A Good Man

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"Frivolous?" Sheryl couldn't help but burst into laughter. After a while, she stopped laughing. Fixing her eyes on Susan, she said earnestly, "You know what? Cary is popular among girls, but he never flirts with them. It's the first time that I have seen him treat a girl in such a casual manner. Perhaps, he thinks you're special."

"What nonsense are you talking about, Sher?" Susan responded, a suspicious blush flashing across her face. "We are never going to work it out."

With a smile, Sheryl commented in a sisterly tone, "Nothing is impossible. When Charles and I first got married, I thought I would never fall in love with him. But it turns out that I was wrong."

Sheryl intentionally shared her experience to make Susan believe that everything was possible. "Actually, Cary is not as bad as you think he is. As far as I know, he is completely different from what you have imagined. I think this is all just a misunderstanding. It wouldn't be fair to him at all."

As Susan didn't retort, she held her hand and suggested, "Why not make peace with him and regard him as your friend? Perhaps if you get to know him better, you will see that he is a far better person than what you thought."

"But..." Susan faltered with a scowl. Cary sure didn't leave a good impression on her, but she couldn't refuse Sheryl's proposal.

"That's it," Sheryl concluded when she noticed that the girl was wavering. Holding on to Susan's hand, she gave a bright smile and reassured her, "I will be there. You can keep me company. What do you think?"

"Fine," Susan nodded. "But I need to make it clear that I will never date with him. I only agreed to go there because you asked me to."

"Well, I know. You are the best." Sheryl smiled back at her.

As she managed to persuade Susan to go to the party, she thought of Holley's recent visit to her. "By the way, what did Holley say when she came here?" Sheryl asked.

"Nothing important," Susan answered. "She didn't stay here for long

e. As the latter wore a livid expression, she changed the subject.

She started to speak for George. "Sher, I really think Mr. Han is a good person. People in our company all know that he treats Holley very well and does everything that she asks. He is not only handsome but also from a rich family. More importantly, he protects Holley without letting her know even after he learned what kind of person she is. It's rare to find such a determined and affectionate man in this world."

"In my eyes, he is an idiot," Sheryl commented angrily. "Now that he knew Holley's true colors, he should have helped her change herself and become a better person, but he didn't. After knowing what she did, he didn't stop her and still tried to protect her. This is not love but indulgence. He will regret it one day."

Watching how stern Sheryl was, Susan didn't dare speak anymore in George's favor. Instead she stuck her tongue out playfully to ease the tension between them.

Taking a look at her amusing act, Sheryl lectured, "You should learn something from this. You shouldn't have let Holley go so easily just because George sincerely apologized to you. Did you forget how she bullied and hurt you? This time you let her get away with it. What if she does something worse next time and ends up getting you into a bigger trouble?"

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