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   Chapter 964 Misunderstanding

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"Alright! I got it." Looking at Sheryl, Helin stood up. "Since you don't want to do me the favor, I won't force it. There's nothing wrong with the plan. Just go ahead and arrange it."

Not turning her head once, Helin left Sheryl's office without another word, her face sullen.

Isla went to Sheryl's office and noticed Helin's cold face. Curiously, she asked about it. "What's the matter? Did she make things difficult for you?"

"No," Sheryl simply said. With a wry smile, she explained what happened to Isla. "I really have no idea what is on her mind. She only cares about herself and doesn't listen to others at all."

"Sounds like you're much more mature than her." Putting on a comforting smile, Isla said, "By the way, this is an invitation from Cary's company. You're invited to join. Oh, and here's another one. Cary said that you know who to give it to, anyway."

A shadow of a smile glinted in her eyes. "Alright, I got it, thanks."

Ever since that night, Sheryl hadn't met Susan, so she could take this as a chance to check how Susan's injuries was in person.

Susan's mother just finished cooking dinner when Sheryl arrived at the house. With a warm greeting, she invited Sheryl to dinner with them.

Though Sheryl didn't originally intend to have dinner there, Susan's parents were hospitable enough that they urged her to stay for a meal.

While they were at the dinner table, Jeremy mentioned that he hadn't seen Cary in a rather long time. Sheryl could only make an excuse that Cary had been busy with his work and that he was planning to visit them as soon as he was available.

There was a sullen expression on Susan's face and a frown between her brows as she heard Cary's name. Snapping at her dad, she asked, "Dad, why do you care about him? Isn't it perfect that he's not coming? I don't want to see him yet."

With a little snort, Jeremy retorted, "Kiddo, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"Uncle, Susan, please don't argue with each other." Holding the invitation in her h

usan's expression was just puzzled at this point. "I really have no idea why you're doing this."

"Susan, please calm down." With a slightly bitter smile, she continued, "I know you're in a bad mood right now, but what I did is for your own sake."

"For my sake?" In confusion, Susan froze. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Drawing a sigh, Sheryl explained, "Susan, you've offended Holley because you're my friend. She won't let you off easily. You should know this as well."

"Yes…" Susan nodded, but still didn't understand. "But so what? I'm not afraid of her. What does this have to do with anything?"

With a frown, Sheryl sighed. "Susan, you can't be so stubborn at times like this. Just take a moment to think about your parents. Do you have the heart to make them suffer by worrying about you?"

"I know it's irresponsible of me to say that." Albeit a little unwillingly, Susan still smiled at Sheryl. "But I have no clue what else to do. I'll be more careful and make sure my family doesn't get involved with Holley."


Taking Susan by the hand, Sheryl gave her a serious look and sighed. "Let's forget about Holley for a minute. Can I know why you hate Cary so much?"


Susan's expression turned to one of disgust by the mere mention of Cary's name. "I just don't like him. He's too frivolous for his own good."

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