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   Chapter 963 We Should Have Another Child

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"I know, I know." With a bitter smile, Sheryl told Charles, "I'm not forcing you to forgive him. It's just… I wish you would attend their wedding with me."

His serious expression did not falter; it seemed that Charles was still unmoved. Looking at his flat expression, Sheryl felt rather disappointed. Trying to hide her disappointment, she continued, "The wedding isn't only Anthony's. It's also Sue's. I really want you to come with me.

You don't have to forgive him; that isn't the issue anymore. I just think that… since he has found his own happiness now, we should just leave the past in the past, shouldn't we?" Laying a gentle hand on Charles' shoulder, Sheryl looked at him pleadingly and affectionately.

Although he still bore a resentful expression on his face, the moment Charles turned to see Sheryl's ardent eyes, his stern facade started to crumble a little bit. He just could not resist those bewitching eyes of hers.

Heaving a sigh, he replied, "Well, it's not entirely impossible for me to attend the wedding with you. I have a condition, though."

"What condition?" Whatever it was that Charles demanded, she believed she could fulfill it as long as he agreed to go to the wedding with her.

With the corners of his mouth curling upwards, Charles leaned in close and whispered a few words into his lover's ears. His soft, warm breath caressed her skin, making her ticklish and tingly. Upon hearing the words, she withdrew immediately, her face as flushed as a rose blossom.

"Shame on you…" she half grumbled, half shouted.

"What's wrong with it?" Charles lovingly put his arms around Sheryl, bringing her closer to his chest. "Shirley and Clark are growing up so quickly. We should start considering having another child now."

As he spoke, his arms tightened around her a little more forcefully, as he still felt rather playful. "We should give them a younger brother or sister, don't you think?"

"But…" Her eyebrows furrowing in hesitation, Sheryl took a moment before finally nodding her head.

Given all that had happened, Shirley and Clark never had the chance to grow up in a healthy, perfect family environment. It had always been a deep regret in Sheryl's heart. Maybe if she could have another child, both she and Charles would be able to stay by his or her side as the child grew up. Perhaps that could somehow make up for the regret they both

genuinely for Helin's sake. Knowing Roger for a long time now, even not being very close to him, Sheryl was sure that he was an ambitious man. If Helin really became his girlfriend, she would get hurt sooner or later.

Trying to convey these feelings to Helin, Sheryl looked at Helin seriously and said, "You're such a talented girl. I'm sure you can definitely find another guy who is more suitable for you in the future."

"Sheryl..." Helin's smile suddenly turned cold and sharp. "If someone tells you to give up on Mr. Lu, how would you react?"

Her words made Sheryl wince. How were Roger and Charles similar in any way?

"Roger is just as important to me as Mr. Lu is to you." With a firm tone, Helin looked at Sheryl pointedly. "I will take no one else but Roger."

With eyes still full of persistence, she continued, "I've known Roger for so long now, I know what he's like. He must have found someone else to act as his girlfriend on purpose, just to make me angry and jealous. I have to act quickly. He must be invited to the birthday party no matter what. I will propose during the party, I will."

"If you have to do it this way, I've got nothing else to say." With calm eyes, Sheryl added, "I will try my best to make the party look as beautiful as possible."

"You really… You really don't want to help me?" Disappointment was written all over Helin's face as she asked.

With a soft laugh and a rather helpless tone, Sheryl replied, "I've said it already. It's not that I don't want to help. It's really just... I can't help you regardless of whether or not I wanted to."

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