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   Chapter 962 Letting Go

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Sue lowered her head shyly as she explained, "Actually, aside from having dinner with you, I came here today to give you this."

She took out a wedding invitation card and handed it to Sheryl. "Anthony and I are getting married, and our wedding date has been decided. It will be next month. I hope that you will be there."

"You're getting married next month? Isn't it too soon? I can't believe it!" exclaimed Sheryl. The news came as a little overwhelming.

Sue smiled faintly and said, "When I went back to M City to visit Anthony's grandparents and his other relatives, we decided to get married. They were happy about it and started to help us go through all the preparations. As you know, my belly is bulging because the baby in my womb grows each day. Anthony's mother was worried that it would be an inconvenience for a pregnant woman like me to hold the wedding later. So we decided to schedule it next month."

She stopped and looked at Sheryl to check how she was taking it. "I know it seems so soon, but the good news is that I don't need to worry about the arrangements for the wedding. Anthony's family has already taken care of all the preliminary work and even the small details."

Sheryl nodded slightly. Seeing the heartfelt smile on Sue's face, she could feel happiness emanating from her. She was pleased and relieved at the same time.

"Sue, I am really happy for you. I would definitely give you a big gift on your wedding day," she advised sincerely.

"Any gift will be okay. Your presence will be more important," Sue responded. "I also hope that you can come with Charles. It will be a real blessing if both of you could come."

Sue felt a little worried about her request. She could not help but query with a concerned tone, "Sher, I know there have been some misunderstandings between Charles and Anthony. I know that he may still have some grudges against him. But now that we're getting married, would you..."

"Don't worry about it," Sheryl interrupted. "I would discuss it with Charles." Her comforting tone made Sue felt better. Just then, the waiter came to serve their meal, so they stopped talking. After the dinner was served, Sheryl started to discuss how Sue should eat more to ensure the good development of the baby inside her womb. What was more, she expressed how happy she was that she finally found someone who would take care of Sue and her baby. It was a great meal.

When they finished, Isla went straight back to the office. Meanwhile, Sheryl insisted on sending Sue back since she wanted to make sure she would get home safe and sound. She had no way to refuse Sheryl's kindness, so she accepted.

After getting in the car, Sheryl asked Sue,

d gently, "What's the matter? Is there anything wrong? It's okay to tell me."

Sheryl gave out a smile. "Nothing important, it is just...just..."

She hesitated for a long while. As she composed her sentences on her mind, she took a deep breath and finally announced, "Well, it's like this. Sue came to find me today. We had dinner together. She told me that she and Anthony decided that they would be getting married next month."

"Really? Congratulations to them." Charles looked displeased when he heard Sheryl mention Anthony. He stared at her and asked coldly, "But what does that have to do with us?"

"Charles, they are getting married, don't you think..." Sheryl knew that Charles had some negative opinions about Anthony, but it was all over. It was a matter in the past so he should have let go of it by now. Besides, Sue was her best friend. Now that Sue and Anthony were about to get married. There was nothing he could not let go.

She held Charles' hand and hoped he would listen to her. "I understand that you don't like Anthony, but he is going to get married with Sue, and Sue is my best friend. So I would like you…"

"What would you like me to do?" He looked sullen as he went on, "Sher, I know how deep your friendship with Sue is. I know that she is your bestie. I am not asking you to end your friendship with her, but I just don't trust Anthony. I will never forgive him." He paused as if he got reminded of something, then he continued speaking. "If it weren't for him, we would not have been separated for a long time. I held him responsible for everything. Now you want me to just forgive him. Do you think it's workable? Do you really think I can do that? Do you know what I have been through these past three years? Do you know how miserable I felt without you by my side?"

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