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   Chapter 961 Some Good News

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After an hour of driving, Charles stopped the car and opened the car door. Then he carried the two kids out of the vehicle. Sheryl looked round and found the spot was surrounded by mountains. Although it was hot summer, they didn't feel the heat at all at this place. On the contrary, they felt extremely comfortable.

"Where are we?" Sheryl asked in a curious voice.

"The land I bought several years ago," Charles replied in a faint voice. "Ever since I first came here, I thought this place is wonderful and magical. It feels pleasant even in the hot summer because it is located in the mountains. It's a good place for a summer holiday.

I was thinking of building a small villa here. When we get older, we can spend our old age here. But I've been busy nowadays. Work seems to take up all my time. This time… this time Shirley said that she wanted to go somewhere. First place I thought of was here," Charles added.

"It's certainly a beautiful place," Sheryl said with a big smile on her face.

Then she held the two kids' hands and took a walk along the banks of the lake. At the same time, Charles took the barbecue tools out of the car. He busied himself in lighting the fire and grilling the meat. Soon he was covered in sweat. But everything he did was just to see the smiles on the face of his family—they were the most important ones in his heart.

"Honey, take a rest. I can handle the grilling. Sit down and get out of the heat," Sheryl suggested. She saw Charles sweating and her tone grew worried.

"No, I can handle it. Take care of the kids. This is what I do," Charles declined, putting on a big smile.

"Sweat is dripping off you." Sheryl stopped to wipe his face and forehead. Then she stated in a caring voice, "How about just resting for a little bit?"

"Taste it. Is it good?" Charles had roasted a chicken breast. He cut a piece off and raised it to her mouth.

"Yep." She meant it; it was delicious.

"These are done, I think. The kids must be hungry now. Here, take the plate over to them.

od up, walked over to her and took Sue's hand. "When did you come back? You didn't even call me up."

"Oh, my god. I rushed over here as soon as I got back. But you're so busy. It's you who don't have time for me." Sue stared at Sheryl, feigning anger.

"Fine. Let's head out now," Sheryl replied with a happy expression. She needed to get out anyway. Isla pouted her lips and stated in a sour voice, "So you drop everything for her, but not for your old friend?"

Sheryl and Sue smiled to each other after hearing Isla's complaint. Sheryl turned around and held Isla's hand. "You got it wrong. You helped, but she convinced me. I love you both."

Sue came back last night. In order to go out for lunch with Sheryl, Sue kept badgering Laura and promised she would come back as soon as they were done. So Laura finally agreed to let her eat out. She placed an order at a restaurant specializing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine. While waiting for the meal, Sheryl kept talking with Sue.

"You are just full of questions." Isla was taken aback by Sheryl's nagging. Isla stared at Sheryl helplessly and said, "Take a good look at Sue. You think she has a hard life? Know what I think? I think she has some good news."

After Isla said this, a big smile appeared on Sue's face. After a short pause, Sheryl stared at Sue and asked in surprise, "So is it true?"

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