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   Chapter 958 Gender Equality

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Little did Heron knew what his daughter was going to do. She didn't even care about the consequences of her bold move.

"Miss Xia, so you can understand me, right?" Helin said seriously, looking at Sheryl. "I know that it sounds crazy but you have to do something crazy when you are young. Otherwise, you'll only regret not doing so once you're old. I don't want to have regrets when I'm old."

"So what do you want me to do?" asked Sheryl. She had been listening to the lady but still couldn't understand what Helin was asking her to do.

"Miss Xia." Helin forced a smile and looked at Sheryl. Then she said, "Since that night, Roger has been avoiding me. I want to propose to him but... he doesn't wish to see me now."

She quickly grabbed Sheryl's hand and continued, "I know that you are a benefactor of Roger. he will definitely come to see you as soon as you call him. Moreover, you are a planner and I want you to plan my proposal."

Helin paused for a while before opening her mouth again. "My birthday will be in a few days and I would like to hold a wonderful birthday party. There will be a lot of media coming there. Thus, I want to arrange the proposal on that same day."

She was staring at Sheryl with her begging eyes. Her desperation was so real that one could almost taste it in the air. "Miss Xia, I have no choice. It is only you who can help me. Please!"

However, those actions made Sheryl hesitate for a long time. She swallowed hard to calm herself before saying, "Have you really thought about this? Aren't you afraid of getting turned down after getting all these things ready? What would you do in that case?"

A frown appeared on Sheryl's face as she thought, 'How come children aren't considering the consequences nowadays?' She shot Helin a questioning stare. "Have you ever thought that it would be you and your father who are going to be embarrassed if ever?"

"No." Helin stared at Sheryl with absolute conviction and said, "Roger has been avoiding me because my father doesn't agree wi

yl was gone, Charles turned to Andy. "A person I sent to follow Sheryl told me that someone in black was following her until she arrived at the kindergarten. The man and Sheryl met. However, my man didn't see what the man looked like because he was too far away from his location. I think that man is Ferry."

"Probably." Andy nodded gently. He looked at Charles and said, "The people I sent to investigate him have not given me any news about Ferry yet. It seemed like he disappeared right after coming back to Y City. We couldn't find him."

Charles frowned and pressed his lips together firmly. It took him a while before speaking again, "Logically, that situation should not happen. Y City isn't big enough for us to just lost Ferry that easily."

That caused Andy to glance at Charles. "In my opinion, we have to send more people to follow Sher. It is possible for Ferry to come back for her. Now that we can't find him, we should protect her the best way we could. We should be able to catch him just in case he thinks of doing something."

An anxious sigh escaped Charles' chest. He then said, "We are still in a disadvantage even after all those things. There will always be a risk unless we find him."

"Got it." Andy nodded. "In other words, continue sending someone to watch Sher. I'll go on hunting Ferry down until we know where he is."

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