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   Chapter 957 Do Me A Favor

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"This afternoon?" asked Isla. She furrowed her brows slightly with as a mark of concern spread over her face. She took a moment to think and then asked, "I need to go out this afternoon. Can you handle it yourself?"

"Don't worry about me," Sheryl replied with a reassuring smile. "I have worked on this for years. I can deal with it properly."

Isla maintained her creased brows and remained thoughtful for a while. "How about taking Alicia with you?" Isla suggested, looking worried. Sheryl had joined back after a very long time and Isla was not yet ready to let her handle any assignment all by herself. The best person who could be with Sheryl in Isla's absence was Alicia.

Alicia was a new intern in Cloud Advertising Company. Just like Sheryl, she was smart, modest and enterprising. She was a fast learner and both Isla and Sheryl had high expectations of her.

"There is no need for that," Sheryl refused, shaking her head slightly. "Alicia has been busy these days. Besides, I am just going to meet a client and take note of her requirements. I can do it on my own." Sheryl sported confidence to put Isla's concerns to rest.

Isla heaved a sigh and agreed at last, "Well, then call me if anything happens."

Isla picked up her hand bag and got ready to leave the office. She was still in two minds as she walked towards the door. As she reached the door, she stopped holding the door knob and turned around at Sheryl. Isla watched Sheryl go through the papers. She still felt unsettled about Sheryl meeting the client alone. She repeated once again to Sheryl, "No matter what happens, I will always be your side. So feel free to talk to me whenever you need any help, okay?"

"Sure, I will," Sheryl replied with a smile. The worries on Isla's face didn't evade Sheryl's eyes. She said reassuringly, "Don't worry, Isla. I am good." Isla forced a smile on her face, opened the door and walked off.

The door close making a soft bang, leaving Sheryl all by herself. The thoughts of the strange man she had run into this morning came hovering into her mind. She closed her eyes and shook her head trying to put the thought away and tried to focus on the client she was going to meet this afternoon.

The appointment with this new client was fixed over a telephonic conversation. Hence, Sheryl knew little about her identity.

Sheryl collected all the important papers she needed and left for the meeting. Upon reaching the restaurant, she was greeted by the waitress, "Hello, are you Miss Xia? "Miss He has been waiting for you."

"Miss He?" Sheryl repeated looking a little taken aback. The only one in Sheryl's knowledge with the family name He was Helin. But she had no idea why the lady would come to her. Sheryl creased her brows as she became thoughtful for a moment. When she looked up, the waitress was waiting for her with the same welcoming smile on her face. With a tint of surprise and confusion, she nodded at the waitress with a smile.

The waitress led her across the main hall into a private room. She then held the door open for her to enter. "Miss Xia, Miss He is waiting for yo

hought he would find out that I am the only one who loves him sincerely as long as I don't give up and stay with him."

"Miss He, have you called me here to talk about your feelings towards Roger?" Sheryl asked, narrowing her eyes at Helin. Sheryl looked a little upset as she spoke. She was under the impression that Helin wanted to meet her to discuss business. When she learned her client was Helin, she was taken by great surprise. She had no intention of continuing to listen to the girl's romantic story with Roger.

Sheryl looked disinterested and thought, 'Instead of wasting time over here, I'd rather return to the company to finish the work so that I can get leave the office early to pick up my children.'

"Easy. Please. Hear me out," Helin responded as she noticed Sheryl's scowling face. She held Sheryl's hands once again requesting her to stay. With a bitter smile, Helin explained, "I came here to talk business with you. But it has something to do with Roger."

"Well... please go ahead," Sheryl said with a frown.

Helin proceeded to tell Sheryl what had happened between her and Roger. She aired her concerns as she spoke, "I like Roger very much. But my father is always up to some measures to keep us apart. That makes me really angry.

I am not a little girl anymore, you see. I can handle my own things and I know what I want. I just hope he can stop getting involved in my love life." Sheryl kept quiet, still wondering what business angle could be attributed to Helin's concern. Helin's eyes lit up in hope, she gave a sweet smile and said, "So I intended to propose to Roger in public. This way, my father can't get in the way of my happiness even though he will be angry."

When she heard Helin's plan, Sheryl furrowed her brows. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked looking at Helin's face ardently, trying to read her expression.

"Yes, I want to do this," Helin nodded, the joy and excitement radiating from her face. Helin had made up her mind to fight for her love even though she had to face her father's wrath by doing so."

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