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   Chapter 956 A Battle Between Charles and Clark

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 6765

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Jumping onto the bed and hiding behind Sheryl, Clark said to Charles in a challenging tone, "I'll sleep with Mom tonight."

Clark was very independent for a little child, and he had slept alone for a long time. However, sleeping with his mother suddenly struck his fancy—a spontaneous thought.

In truth, he wanted to sleep with his mother because he was worried about Shirley.

Irritated by Clark's words, Charles scolded Clark with anger, "You brat. I can't even sleep with her. How dare you sleep here instead? Get off the bed or else I'll..."

Charles was about to snatch Clark off the bed but Sheryl stopped him.

She wore a warm smile as she looked up at Charles. "Let him stay here."

Sheryl felt guilty about rarely being around for Clark. She owed him too much; whenever he was sick, or when he wanted to talk about school, she wasn't there for him. And so she wanted to give Clark a chance to do what he wanted.

It was the first time that Clark had requested to sleep with her anyway. She couldn't and didn't want to say no to him.

"How would that work?" Charles frowned and then went on, "Anyway, he is a boy, and I can't allow that."

Charles rolled up his sleeves and said to Clark, "Brat, I'm warning you, come down while I can still control myself, otherwise I'll sort you out."

"No!" Clark piped up, still hiding behind Sheryl. He wore a pleased smile and playfully stuck out his tongue at Charles, making Sheryl realize that no matter how old he was and no matter how mature he seemed to be, he was still under the age of four, childish and very innocent.

Sheryl giggled and then pulled Clark into her arms. "Don't worry, Clark," she told him. "As long as I'm here with you, he won't dare bully you." She nodded as to close the deal on her promise to him.

With Sheryl's promise and protection, Clark felt freer to provoke Charles. Annoyed, Charles pointed to Clark and said in pretend anger, "I tell you. If you stay on the bed, I will take a photo of you sleeping with your m

the hospital to have a body check."

"No, I'm fine." With that, the man started to leave the area of the kindergarten entrance.

Sheryl thought the man was weird, so she kept staring as he walked away. When the man was turning the corner, Sheryl saw his profile.

Unfortunately, she still could not recognize him over the great distance between them. However, the man did give her a great sense of familiarity.

Suddenly, she started to worry as she thought about the reason as to why the man was in front of the kindergarten.

She got back into her car and drove to her workplace. All day, the man was on her mind. She was still pondering the man while she sat at the meeting she had that day. She was so focused on the strange man that she missed Isla calling her name several times.

Later, Sheryl was in her office doing some paperwork when Isla paid her a visit. "Sher, is something wrong? What's wrong with you?" Didn't you get a good rest last night?"

"I'm fine." Sheryl did not plan to tell her what had happened that morning, because she wasn't entirely sure herself and would just be guessing. She didn't want Isla to be worried. After a little pause, she changed the topic. "The project of Cary's company has almost finished. I have two projects for two days. I am going to get more details about it. Will you go with me?"

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