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   Chapter 955 Being Childish

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"Thanks a lot. It's enough," Sheryl said.

Judging from Cary's words, George had always been an obedient child before he met Holley. He changed completely after he met her. His mother was never pleased with Holley, her future daughter-in-law. However, Sheryl was still unable to determine why she had not done anything to separate these two.

She was aware that George's mother was quite important for her plan.

If she opposed the relationship between Holley and George, she would be of help to Sheryl. She could use George's mother as a weapon against Holley.

"Here we are," Cary announced as he drove Sheryl to Dream Garden. "If there is anything else that you need, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will be there to help you."

"Actually, the only thing that I need you to do is," she started, "to help me take care of Susan. She is so naive and innocent that she could be easily fooled by Holley."

She gave a faint smile and continued, "I can see that she's not hitting it off with you, though, she does not know you very well. So please don't take what her words seriously."

"Don't worry." Cary smiled and reassured her, "I won't haggle over her words."

"That would be great!" Sheryl said gladly. She got out of the car, and as she closed the car door, she told him, "It's too late. Forgive me for not inviting you to come in. Come back for dinner next time."

"It's alright, Sheryl," he nodded. "Get in quickly. Don't make Charles wait." He waved goodbye, and then started his engine.

She watched Cary leaving until she couldn't see his car anymore. She immediately went inside the house and was about to turn on the light when she felt two arms wrapped around her waist.

She got startled, but calmed down immediately when she caught his familiar scent. "It's so late. Why are you still up?" she asked as she tried to hold back a smile.

His hold grew tighter. She could feel his warm breath at the back of her neck as he answered from behind her head, "I got used to sleeping with you. How could I sleep well when you're not here?"

"How did you sleep the past three years?" she teased.

"I didn't need to think about anything when I got

hould give her some time to adjust, okay?"

Sheryl presented the facts and reasoned things out with Charles as if he was a kid that needed to be comforted. Finally, he agreed. "Fine, but let me tell you. You can only stay with her tonight. I don't want the same thing to happen again tomorrow." He made it sound like an order and not a request.

"Alright. No problem," She agreed. 'No matter what request he asked tonight, we could talk about it tomorrow,' Sheryl thought.

She took Shirley back into her room. Clark followed them with concern in his eyes.

Just as he was about to get inside, Charles pulled Clark's collar in an attempt to stop him. "Let's go. Don't bother your mom and your sister."

"Let me go!" he exclaimed. Although Clark got mentally mature, he was still a kid. He was not strong enough to resist his dad so he had no choice but to follow after Charles.

"It is you who are bothering their sleep. You are being too childish to take mom away from Shirley." Clark loudly accused his dad.

"You bastard." Charles released him, rolled up his sleeves and said in a wide grin, "I will teach you a lesson tonight. Just wait."

Charles was, of course, just putting on an act. He had always been very fond of these two kids.

Sheryl, who was standing at the side, could not help but laugh as she watched them playing with each other. She turned to Charles and reminded him gently, "Be quite. Or else you'd wake up Shirley."

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