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   Chapter 954 Mama's Boy

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After pausing for a while, Cary continued, "At least, I don't find her annoying. Even though we always bicker, I like being with her."

Upon hearing this, Sheryl was certain that Cary was into Susan.

When she and Charles first got married, they seldom agreed on anything. As soon as they got to know each other, though, they began to fall in love. At the thought of this, she couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Her reaction put a puzzled look on Cary's face. "What? Why are you laughing? You think I look like an idiot, don't you?"

"No, no no, don't get me wrong. I'm not laughing at you," she explained in a hurry. "Susan is so upset with you. I was just wondering how you guys would end up being together."

Breaking out laughing himself, Cary thought about it. "Just let nature take its course," he said with a smile.

"Well," Sheryl began. Her brows furrowed in concern as she thought of Holley. Looking at Cary, she asked him, "Have you been to BM Corporation?"

"Yes," he replied with a little nod. After he relayed George's response to her, Sheryl's forehead was wrinkled into a frown. "Looks like I underestimated Holley. George is at her mercy."

Heaving a sigh, Cary agreed, "I didn't expect this either. I've found a lawyer for Susan. I will negotiate with Holley on her behalf. I don't know whether Susan and I will be together. But I'll do everything I can to help her terminate her contract with BM Corporation. She's a good girl. I can't bear to see her being bullied there." His tone was firm as he said it. When he spoke, the determination on his face was evident.

Sheryl returned his determination with earnest gratitude. "Thank you!" With that, Sheryl was sure that Cary was the only one who could help Susan get rid of Holley.

The more she mulled it over, the more she believed that George was the only one who really had Holley's back. 'What if George brea

r appearance's sake. I knew that she really just wanted to know her son's friends. She wanted to know what kind of people George got on with. She cared about her son so much that she went through all that trouble. I don't think she would just leave George's love life alone."

With a snort, he continued, "During that meal, his mother said that George always followed her arrangements and never disappointed her. She also said that she had already chosen a path for him, including his job and marriage. So… she must have an arranged marriage for George already. It's too surprising that George is with Holley."

With knitted brows, he went on, "After that meal, George distanced himself from many of his close friends. Some were from poor families and some lacked ambition. He maintained good terms with me, though. I guess… I guess his mother said something to him about them, or he wouldn't have abandoned them.

I don't think George's mother would accept Holley as her daughter-in-law. But they've been together for so long… Holley must have used some special means to make George love her wholeheartedly and disobey his mother." As the scowl left his face, Cary came to a conclusion. "That's all I know about George. I don't know if that can be of any help to you."

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