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   Chapter 951 An Arrogant Tool

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Holley claimed that she had nothing to do with Susan's accident, but George knew she was responsible.

He thought back to that day... He and Holley had a fight. Angrily, she left him and drove away. Afraid that something might happen to her, he followed Holley in his car.

He saw Holley hit Susan with her car and drive off. He was the only one around that helped Susan. He sent her to the hospital, and begged her not to sue his girlfriend.

In fact, he wanted to give Holley a chance. Once she owned up to the fact she hit Susan, he would protect her at any cost.

But she denied it calmly every time. All of a sudden, it dawned on him that she might had deceived him with her innocent eyes many times.

When she lied, she showed no worry. She acted as if she were telling the truth.

That was when George found that he didn't really know Holley. Even though they slept together every day, he didn't know who she really was.

He hated to admit that. But deep inside he knew it was true. There were two voices fighting each other in his mind.

The next day, Susan was discharged from the hospital. Sheryl came to her ward early in the morning and helped her with her things.

Watching Sheryl pack up her stuff, Susan felt sorry for her. She said she could handle it herself and told her to take a breather.

Sheryl said okay, but didn't stop gathering up her clothes and other things.

After filling out the discharge papers, Susan's father took Sheryl's arm and they walked to a corner. Jeremy asked Sheryl for Cary's number. Sheryl was confused, but she did as he asked. With a cheerful expression, Jeremy gave Cary a call.

Cary was in a meeting when his phone started to buzz. Giving his cell phone a quick look, he found it was an unfamiliar number. He thought about ignoring the call, but since his phone kept ringing, he knitted his brows and answered the phone.

"Hello, is this Cary Su?" Jeremy gushed with a broad smile on his face. "I'm Susan's dad."

"Hello, U

Susan's shoulder gently and comforted her, "Don't be so negative. You only see what they want you to see, but you don't know what they've been through. Believe me, they are not as happy as you think."

Since Susan kept quiet, she went on, "The world has all sorts of people in it. Different people have different lifestyles. You can't figure out everyone. The only thing you can do is to be yourself and live a good life.

I know, I know. Easier said than done. But you should be thankful for your parents. They're good teachers and they taught you right from wrong. Now you're a good girl."

"I know." Susan nodded at her. She only understood part of her words.

Staring at Susan, Sheryl was eager to bring her and Cary together. After some hesitation, she asked indirectly, "What, what do you think of Cary, Susan?"

"Cary?" Susan was a bit miffed when she heard his name. "He's an arrogant tool. Narcissistic and rude, too," she blurted out indignantly.

The more Susan talked, the more furious she got. With aversion and fury written on her face, she focused her gaze on Sheryl and added, "If he wasn't your friend, I would have already taught him a lesson."

Sheryl was taken aback by her complaints. It never crossed her mind that Susan would be so upset with Cary. With a wry smile, she asked, "So you don't like him?"

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