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   Chapter 948 Do Me A Favor

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"By the way, how should I call you, sir?" Jeremy asked Cary carefully as he was afraid of offending him.

Cary was surprised for a while. Then he realized that he forgot to introduce himself. Thus, he immediately replied, "Oh! I was totally blown-away by Mrs. Su's delicious dumplings that I even forgot to introduce myself. My name is Cary Su. I'm Susan's friend."

"Cary Su," repeated Jeremy. Then he smiled and said, "What a coincidence. We have the same last name!"

"Right! Maybe we were a family five hundred years ago!" joked Cary. He was socially-skilled and his humorous remarks made Jeremy smile from ear to ear. Susan, however, wore a long face as she was unimpressed by him.

Cary didn't stay any longer. He turned to the aged man next to him and said, "Uncle Jeremy, I can finally relax since you are already here to take care of Susan." Then he smiled, "I have something else to deal with. Thus, I need to get moving."

"No problem. Go ahead!" Jeremy smiled back and replied. Then he said, "We want to invite you to dinner in our home. Come to our house when you are available. I'll have Susan's mother prepare a lot of dishes for you!"

"Thanks! I'll come for sure," Cary promised. Before he left, he also bid farewell to Susan who was still lying in bed with a sullen face. "I'll see you soon, Susan. If you have any problem, just call me!"

"Just leave my room!" Susan replied impatiently.

Jeremy gave her a reprimanding glare, very unsatisfied with her rude attitude. He then walked Cary out to the doorway. After a while, he closed the door and turned to Susan. His excitement was all over his face when he asked, "Susan, who is he? He looks good and he is also very polite. What's your relationship with him? When did you know each other? Why didn't you tell us before?"

Jeremy bombarded Susan with a series of questions. He recalled everything Cary had done and couldn't help feeling that he was a good lad. If his daughter could have a boyfriend like him, he would ask for nothing more.

However, Susan didn't have a good impression on Cary. She believed that Cary was just a rich second generation who knew nothing else but to seek pleasure. She despised such kind of person. Thus, she curled her lips

George couldn't help but sigh, "After so many years, you look still the same!"

"But you have changed a lot!" Cary smiled. Then he complained, "You didn't even invite me for a drink after you came back to Y City."

"Well..." Embarrassment flooded George's face. He came to Y City because of Holley. He was fully occupied by her affairs recently. Thus, he had no time to cope up with his old friends.

He breathed a sigh and explained, "Honestly, I wouldn't have time to visit you if you didn't come here today. I have been very busy these past few days. I have been running off my feet!"

He then smiled and filled a cup of tea for Cary. "Anyway, it's my fault. can I make up?"

"Tsk! That is unnecessary, of course!" replied Cary. He took a sip of tea before continuing, "In fact, I'm here today because I want to ask you about someone."

"Ask about someone?" George was suddenly confused. "Who?"

A smile cracked Cary's lips. He stared at George and explained calmly, "You do understand that I'm already at my marrying age, right? I have a girlfriend and I want to bring her home. I want to introduce her to my family. She still has a contract with your company."

Cary smiled bitterly, then continued, "You do know how important the old people attach profession, appearance and background to just about everything. My family would not like her current job. Therefore she decided to change to another job. I came here to terminate her agreement with your company today."

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