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   Chapter 947 You Can Leave Now

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Sheryl had no intention of just standing by since it was Holley who started the fight. 'I will make her pay for laying a hand on Susan. No one can hurt people I care about,' she thought.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Susan looked helpless while looking at Cary.

"What do you want, Mr. Su?" Susan asked with a frown. Cary had stayed in the ward for over three hours now, but he was still unwilling to leave. That alone gave Susan a headache.

"I already told you everything I know. What else do you want to know?" she continued as her visitor didn't respond. As she was running out of patience, she added, "I'm tired. Could you please leave me alone?"

"Sure," replied Cary lazily as he glanced at the patient. He somehow found Susan kind of cute.

"But you need to eat up the porridge first," he even negotiated with a sly smile. He picked up the bowl of porridge and placed it before Susan. Then he tenderly said, "I will leave immediately as soon as you finish this."

Susan had no choice but to accept his offer. Reluctantly, she reached out to take the bowl of porridge from him. Looking up at Cary, she asked, "Really?"

"Yes," Cary confirmed with a smile.

If it hadn't been for Sheryl, Susan would have already driven Cary out of her room.

She was about to take the bowl of porridge when Cary suddenly tightened his grip on the bowl. Thus, she ended up glowering at Cary as she asked, "What are you doing? How can I eat the porridge if you don't give the bowl to me?"

On the other hand, Cary didn't get angry at all. Meeting Susan's dissatisfied gaze, he smiled and said, "Let me feed you with it. You are a patient now."

"I just broke my legs. I didn't break my hands. I can handle myself," the woman snapped and rolled her eyes. She then shot a suspicious look at Cary and asked, "Are you fooling me?"

"Why would I?" Cary responded with an innocent look. Then with a beaming smile, he coaxed, "Come on, sweetie. Open your mouth."

Cary fed her a spoonful of porridge. Thus a sudden impulse to beat him up came to Susan's head. However, she ended up biting her lips while clenching her fists instead as she tried her best to hold back.

ers? Why are you acting so rude?

He came to visit you out of goodwill, but look at how you treat him."

"Dad, you don't know that he..." Susan faltered as she didn't know how to explain to her father. Jeremy Su still pulled a long face. Obviously, he didn't intend to listen to her daughter's explanation. Turning to Cary, he smiled awkwardly and apologized, "I am sorry. My daughter was spoiled by me. She could be slightly offensive."

"It's okay," Cary beamed. Seeing no trace of displeasure on the young man's face, Jeremy Su heaved a sigh of relief and said to Cary, "Please have some. Now that Susan had lunch, you can eat it. If you like, I will ask her mother to make some for you next time."

"That's so kind of you. But..." Although Cary acted as if he was turning down Jeremy's offer, he already stuffed a dumpling into his mouth.

"Wow! it's so delicious," he remarked with a broad smile. Failing to resist the temptation of delicious food, he picked up another dumpling and ate it with gusto. He didn't put down his chopsticks until he ate up all the dumplings.

"Looks like you love dumplings very much," Jeremy Su said. He smiled from ear to ear upon noticing how much the guy appreciated the dumplings. He continued, "Feel free to drop by my house when you have time. I will ask my wife to cook several dishes that she is good at. I am sure you will love them."

"That's a deal," agreed Cary while smiling triumphantly.

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