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   Chapter 946 A Cultured Woman Never Robs Others' Favorites

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It was indeed such an awkward encounter. Looking at Sheryl in front of her, Helin felt it was needed to break the silence. "Miss Xia, how embarrassing! I didn't know you like this dress, too. Well, I'd like to pay for it and give it to you as a gift to express my apologies for the past."

With another awkward look, she continued, "My father has criticized me for the previous incident, and I've been looking for an opportunity to apologize to you. Now, I may have done something to make you unhappy again, I'm sorry."

It was so unlike Helin to apologize to Sheryl.

With a smile, Sheryl said, "Let bygones be bygones. As for the dress, since you like it so much, how could I fight you for it? A cultured woman will never rob others' favorites."

Looking at Helin calmly, she continued, "Alright, I should go now. See you next time."

Ready to leave with Charles, Sheryl turned around. In truth, when Sheryl tried on the many outfits earlier, she peeked at the tags and found that every dress was so expensive that she had no intention of buying them at all.

In spite of that, Charles stood up and spoke to the saleslady in front of him. "Please wrap up all the clothes she tried on. Oh, except for the red one."

Sheryl's eyes went wide at his request. She grabbed him quickly and whispered, "Are you crazy? Do you know what you're doing?"

With an amused smile, Charles simply said, "Of course. I'm just buying you some clothes. I think it's natural for a husband to buy clothes for his wife, isn't it? Rest assured, your husband can afford it."

"Thank you for your kindness, but these clothes are too expensive." Sheryl gripped his arm tightly and frowned. "Forget it."

Despite her protests, Charles bought all the clothes for her, leaving her no choice but to worry about how wasteful it was. When they arrived at the door of the children's clothing store, Sheryl stopped.

Looking at the beautiful clothes,

make use of you."

"Sher…" Feeling that Sheryl was about to hang up, Susan called her quickly and asked her something anxiously. "Are you… Are you alright?"

Susan's only concern was that Holley might bother Sheryl.

"Don't worry. I'll be alright, I promise." Sheryl smiled and continued, "As long as you can leave BM Corporation safely, I can deal with her."

When Sheryl hung up, she made an inside call to Isla and asked her to introduce a reliable private detective. Being very efficient, Isla brought the private detective to Sheryl by noon.

"Sher, I have him the person you asked me to find. If you want to investigate anything, just have him work on it."

"Alright, I get it," Sheryl nodded slightly.

After getting introduced, Sheryl led him to a remote coffee shop and handed him Holley's photo. "Here's the basic information about this person. I hope you can help me find out what she's done in the past three years, as well as the relationships around her. In addition, I need you to tail her. If something happens like an emergency, let me know immediately, do you understand?"

"I see." The private detective, Bevis, nodded firmly before Sheryl handed him an envelope. "This is the deposit. If you can find anything useful for me, I won't forget to reward you."

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