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   Chapter 945 An Encounter

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Only the top of the line clothes were sold on the top floor. Only customers with VIP cards of the department store were allowed to enter. Sheryl was rather surprised when she entered that section, as she had never been there before.

"What's the matter?" Charles wasn't sure if the expression on Sheryl's face was a good or bad one.

"Well, nothing." Shaking her head slightly, Sheryl added, "I was just thinking about how different the world of the rich is from ours."

With memories of going shopping with Isla on Sheryl's mind, she remembered them wondering what was on the mysterious top floor of the department store. Now, she finally found out.

"The card I applied for is for you." Putting the VIP card in Sheryl's hand, he said, "I was supposed to give it to you three years ago. I didn't expect to have to wait until now."

The words made Sheryl's emotions bubble up and she couldn't bear them any longer as she said, "Charles, I will never leave you anymore."

"I know." He held her hand and squeezed affectionately. "Even if you tried, I wouldn't let you go.

As he held Sheryl's hand, he continued, "The clothing stores here on the top floor are all high-end, for high status customers. There's a brand here that has a style that suits you, I think. Why don't we take a look?"

"Sounds good. Let's go, I'm all yours." While Charles was familiar with the place and how to get from store to store, Sheryl was a first-timer. She found that the top floor was actually a mini-sized shopping mall, selling men's, women's, and even kids' clothes. Sheryl thought about buying some for the two kids.

Arriving at the store Charles mentioned, Sheryl raised her brows at the very luxurious brand. Never did she imagine that she would be shopping at such a place.

Standing by the door, Charles tried to lead her inside but Sheryl felt timid and took a step back. Taking Charles' hand subtly, she whispered, "Charles, why don't we go somewhere else? The clothes here are extremely expensi

's my fault."

"So you're looking down on me now?" In a fit of rage, Helin yelled, "I said I needed to see other stores so I told you to keep that dress for me. Do you think I cannot afford the dress?"

"No, no, I never thought of anything like that…"

"So what's the meaning of this? Do you have any idea how much I spend on your store in a year? Is that any way to treat a VIP customer?" Helin was going ballistic, then.

Finally getting an idea of what was going on, Sheryl shook her head slightly and sighed.

With a faint smile, she thought, 'I don't plan on buying it anyway so I might as well give it to Helin.'

Walking over, she stood in front of Helin and handed the dress to the salesperson. "You can pack the dress for her."

Seeing Sheryl, Helin was reminded of the warnings Heron gave her. "Miss Xia, why are you here?" she nervously asked.

"I'm just strolling around with Charles. I didn't expect to meet you here. How have you been doing these days?" Sheryl's greeting was ever so polite.

"Erm… I'm doing fine." Though she felt awkward, Helin forced a smile. Ever since Roger's birthday party, he had been steering clear of her. She was well aware it was because of Heron, and it annoyed her immensely.

While she went out shopping to get some fresh air, she met with this unexpected trouble instead.

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