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   Chapter 943 Friends, Relatives, and Embarrassing Questions

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Sheryl hesitated for a while, and then released her hands which held the glass of milk. At last, she said, "Susan had an accident."

"I know," Charles nodded. His voice indicated that he was not surprised. Since the first night when they came home from M City, Charles had his people keep tabs on Holley. He knew that she wouldn't give up since she had failed to teach Sheryl a lesson. So as soon as Susan got injured, he got word of it from one of his men.

But he chose not to say anything to Sheryl because he didn't know how to break it to her. He knew if Sheryl knew it, she would definitely blame herself.

"You knew?" Sheryl furrowed her brows as she asked in disbelief. Then she added, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Actually Sheryl knew the answer as soon as she asked. She knew Charles didn't tell her because he didn't want her to worry. She gave a wry smile and stated in a melancholy voice, "It's all my fault."

"Sher, don't think like that." Charles narrowed his brows as he saw the sad expression on Sheryl's face. She was always like that. If anything bad happened, she always thought it was her fault and she was the person who should be held accountable.

"Susan's fracture has nothing to do with you. That's all thanks to Holley," Charles replied with narrowed brows.

"But if it weren't for me, Holley wouldn't have done anything to her." She wore a distressed expression and stared at Charles. "You don't know. I visited Susan in the hospital today. She was on bed rest. But she still hid her injury from me because she was afraid that something bad would also happen to me," Sheryl added.

She gave a wry smile before she continued, "Before I came along, Holley had had some respect for Susan. But… what I brought to her is just so screwed up. Charles, I feel so guilty now."

Sheryl picked up the glass again and poured out her thoughts, "I hate to see Susan like this. What should I do now?"

"What do you want to do? No matter what, I got your back." Charles softened his voice

normal for them to sleep together.

"Bullshit." Sheryl instantly denied this as her face turned red from shyness.

"Don't lie to me." Chris wasn't willing to let Sheryl go so easily. She then stared at Sheryl with an evil leer and continued, "I just went upstairs. And I saw each piece of luggage in your room. And all the guest rooms were undisturbed. So you must have slept with him!"

"You…" Sheryl was too ashamed to answer. So she refused to give a reply with red face. "Just leave me alone, okay? You can have other guests to talk to. I'm busy here."

"Just tell me, and I'll leave you alone." Chris stood beside Sheryl with a curious expression on her face, refusing to leave without the answer.

Sheryl, finally cornered, put down the stalks of celery before she gave an answer, "Okay, okay. Yes, I slept with your brother. Happy now?"

"Yes. Yes, I am," she said laughing. Chris was still giggling as she left the kitchen.

After Chris left, Sheryl sighed, and thought, 'Alone at last.' But when she turned around, she saw Isla's curious eyes. Isla instantly asked, "Sher, honestly. When…"

Sheryl blushed again and replied helplessly, "Since when are you so nosy?"

"Just tell me," Isla urged her in a threatening voice. Sheryl had no choice but to lay it on the line. But this just earned her more teasing from Isla.

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