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   Chapter 941 Move Out

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George finally caught up with Holley in the doorway. He grabbed her by her arm and asked, "Where are you going?"

"It's none of your business," Holley replied coldly as she shook off his hands. Then she looked into his eyes and said, "I'll move out of your house as soon as possible. I will also resign from BM Corporation. From now on, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Do you understand?"

"Holley, what are you doing? Why are you saying this?" George furrowed his eyebrows. He put his hands on her shoulders and continued, "Everything was fine just now, right? Why do you get angry all of a sudden?"

In reality, Holley was betting on George to fight back against Donna, since he loved her.

The reason that Donna organized the meal was to display that no matter how violent George and she quarreled, they would make it up in just a blink of an eye. George was an obedient child after all.

However, what Holley wanted was to let Donna understand that George was not her puppet even though she was his mother. Would she allow someone like Donna to spoil her hard-earned fruits? Never!

That thought made Holley sneer at the man before her. "George, we have been together for such a long time. I believe you know me better than anyone else. I don't trust anybody easily! I told you about my history with Sheryl because I trusted you! I thought you could keep the secret for me. But I was wrong! You told your mother! You have messed with my privacy! The last thing I want is to see you spreading it like a gossip!"

"Holley, I didn't mean that..." George grabbed her hands and tried to explain. "I know that life is very difficult for you because of what you have gone through. I really love you! I want my mother to know more about you so that she could pity and love you as I do! That is why I told her. I meant nothing else!"

"Pity and love me?" Holley gritted her teeth. "Do you really think that your mother would pity and love me?"

"Yes, she would!" George nodded resolutely. "She has promised that she will have a meeting with Sheryl and then arrange the affairs of our wedding. Holley, could you p


She turned to Amy and realized that there were tears in her eyes. She hurried to her and squatted close. Then she asked softly, "Grandma, is everything fine? Why are you suddenly crying?"

She smiled and tried to comfort the aged woman, "If grandpa sees you cry, he might blame me for displeasing you!"

Amy was amused by her joke and couldn't help chuckling. Then she looked at her grandchild and said, "I'm even better than him! He might be hiding somewhere and crying!"

"Grandma..." Sheryl took Amy's hands. "I'm just moving out. It will not change anything. It doesn't mean that you can't see me anymore!"

"I know," answered Amy. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and then sighed. She continued, "Your grandpa and I are so happy to see you and Charles get reunited. But... we are just sad that you're moving out again! It hasn't been long since you stayed with us."

"How about this?" Sheryl smiled. "I will visit you every week after moving back to Charles' house. You can also live with us every now and then. What do you think?"

"Great! Anything you say!" Amy smiled. "Since you and Charles are reunited, what about your wedding? Are you going to have the wedding ceremony again? We were not even there when you got married. None of your relatives were able to attend the ceremony at all. It was a pity for us forever. So your grandpa and I hope of you holding another wedding ceremony."

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