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   Chapter 940 Broke Up

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"Wait!" George scowled. He hastily stepped in front of Holley to block her way. "My mom asked you to come here to discuss our marriage. If you leave now, how can we discuss it?"

He could not help but feel sad when Holley insisted on leaving. He did a lot to convince Donna, but Holley's indifferent attitude made his efforts go in vain.

'It is so obvious that Donna practically wants to insult me by using the wedding thing an excuse. Her true intention is to create more chances for George and Sula to get together. He is stupid enough to believe that Donna has given in to his perseverance,' thought Holley.

It was so ridiculous and ironic.

Holley held George' hands and attempted to say something. "George, I…" "George, if Miss Ye wants to leave, just let her go," Donna interrupted. "You can stay here so we can chat. I happen to have something to discuss with you."

"Mom, I…" George arched his brows as he hesitated. Hearing Donna's suggestive words and catching George's hesitation, Holley angrily shook off George's hands and sneered coldly, "Right. You should stay here to accompany Aunt Donna and Miss Piao. As for me, I'd better go. I would not dare to disturb your little family reunion."

She turned to leave after saying those sarcastic words. However, her rude manner irritated Donna and she would not let her off easily. She deliberately stopped Holley. "Miss Ye, please help me send my sincere invitation to your elder sister. I would like to hold a reunion meal for our two families. Since your parents already passed away, that makes her your closest relative now. I'm sure that you are aware that both parties should have a relative to help with the wedding arrangements, so I would like to invite her to a meal. Don't you agree?"

Holley could not help but get furious and irritated by Donna's ironic words. She stared at her and questioned her angrily, "How did you know about it all?"

Donna kept silent but her face could not hide her pleased smile.

Holley glared at George and questioned him incredulously, "You told her about my private life, didn't you?"

"Holley, please listen to my explanation." George held Holley's hands tightly and urged her to listen. "The only reason why

felt sorry for himself and was unable to hide how hurt he was. "Holley, I know you are upset now, but it is no excuse to say such harsh and mean words to annoy me."

"I didn't say those words to annoy you." Holley calmly looked at him and explained, "I'm serious. From now on, you'd better not interfere in my life anymore. I don't want to have anything to do with you. We better end our relationship as soon as possible."

Leaving these harsh words, she turned to leave without any hesitation. "Holley." George reached out to grab her hand but Donna stopped him. Donna, with her arched brows and an angry expression, scolded him, "Do you actually have any dignity? Don't you hear what she said? Why are you still chasing after her? In my opinion, this is exactly a good chance to completely break up with her. You're not even married and she's already this arrogant and rude. That is too much!"

"Mom, let me go." George said in a hurry tone, "I need to go after her."

At that moment, Sula seized her chance and approached George. She tried to persuade him as she stared at him with love fire in her eyes. "George, I think you'd better break up with her as early as possible. Probably, Aunt Donna and I may have initially mistaken her intentions, but now you already know her true color. Did you see how she had treated Aunt Donna? She was impolite and certainly uncivilized."

Completely ignoring all their remarks, George shook off Donna's hands and hurriedly ran after Holley.

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