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   Chapter 939 Holley's Family

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"Sorry, I got confused just now,"

Donna smiled as she remarked.

Casting a glimpse at Holley, she thought, 'I can't believe this woman has gotten even more difficult to deal with.'

The dinner they all shared was rather peaceful, in spite of the unpleasant impressions. When it was over, Sula volunteered to clear the table and wash the dishes. George was sitting on the sofa with Holley when Donna came over and patted his shoulder. "George, go help Sula. She's our guest, after all. It's impolite to let her wash the dishes alone."

"But…" Thinking about leaving Donna and Holley alone, George was reluctant to listen to his mother.

"Don't worry." With a smile, Donna assured him, "I'll accompany Holley for you. I also want to have a little chat with her."

George sighed, but agreed. "Fine, then." Before walking off, George turned to Holley in concern, who looked peaceful, but he knew she was feeling restless inside.

Given the incident at dinner, Holley couldn't help but doubt Donna's welcoming tone as she created another chance for George and Sula to spend some time together.

Holley was fully aware of Donna's dislike for her and how she always tried her best to get George and Sula together. Still, it was always almost unbearable for Holley when Donna was so open about her intentions.

"Don't worry, they'll be back soon after they finish up with the dishes." Donna sneered as she said it.

With a sigh, Holley turned to look at Donna in the eye.

The image of the welcoming and friendly host suddenly vanished and Donna's tone turned ice cold. The smile she wore was clearly fake as she said, "I never expected you to stay with George for such a long time. I should remind you that I won't allow you to marry him as long as I live."

"Auntie, I really don't know what you mean." Holley never expected to be accepted by Donna because when it came down to it, she didn't truly care about Donna's opinion at all.

The smile on Donna's face grew even colder as she said, "Y

before, we forgave each other soon after and grew close as if nothing happened."

The grip on Holley's hand turned into a soft pat. "You've grown up and should learn to give up on unpleasant things."

In the same moment, George and Sula came out of the kitchen together chatting warmly as if they shared an intimate relationship.

Donna's words of advice and the air between George and Sula rendered Holley speechless. Instead of trying to continue the talk, she immediately stood up and said to Donna, "Aunt, I'm going to leave now."

Holley cast her an icy glare as she added, "You're right. Family members won't hate each other. But I've lost all my other family members, so I'll be deciding things myself. If you agree to our marriage, then the one that can represent my family and discuss the details of our wedding will be me."

When he saw that Holley was ready to leave, he immediately walked up to her and stopped her. "What just happened? Was my mom saying harsh things again?" he asked in a low voice.

Considering they weren't alone, Holley didn't complain to George about Donna. Instead, she forced a smile and said, "No, I just feel tired and want to head home to rest."

Casting one last glimpse at Donna, Holley added, "You just stay here and accompany your mother. You haven't seen each other in such a long time."

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