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   Chapter 938 The Dinner

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"I did not mean that at all..." When Holley realized her attitude was inappropriate, she explained to George in a hurry, "I just think it's quite a surprise. After all, your family has a quite large business in Korea. Now, both you and Auntie are staying in Y City. Who's going to take care of your business in Korea?"

"You don't need to worry about that." George's tone was indifferent. "There's an occupation called professional manager. He will deal with our business in Korea."

"Oh, I see…" Starting to get lost in her thoughts, Holley simply nodded slightly and turned to look out the window, thinking what would Donna try to do this time.

"Don't worry." George held Holley's hands and said sincerely, "No matter what happens, I will always be there for you."

"I know." Although she had to squeeze it out, Holley still smiled at George's affectionate words.

The car was parked beside Donna's house. Holley took a glance at the villa and thought, 'She even bought a villa much bigger than the one George and I live in.'

Holley sneered and believed that Donna wasn't going to leave Y City anymore.

"Let's get going." George unloaded everything in the trunk and said, "My mom should be waiting inside."

"Alright," she nodded. Albeit hesitantly, she followed George inside.

What really surprised her was that Sula was still staying in Y City for such a long time. When they entered the room, Sula was helping Donna with dinner. Seeing George, she hurriedly greeted him. "George, you're here!"

Sparing only a slight glance at Holley, she greeted indifferently, "Miss Ye."

"It's been a long time since we last met, Miss Piao," Holley returned.

"Yes, it has." An unreadable smile found its way to Sula's face. She looked at Holley and said, "It really has been a long time. I wonder how Miss Ye has been doing these days?"

"Me?" With a calm smile, she simply replied, "I'm alright."

As he put down the gifts he was carry

ke yourself feel at home."

In spite of her impression of Holley, Donna urged her guest on.

Immediately after, she put some pickles into Sula's bowl and said, "Sula, you should eat more too. You like the pickles I prepared, don't you? You can have a lot today."

"Thank you, Auntie," Sula said with a smile. Although Donna acted like the welcoming host, it was clear that she treated the two girls differently.

Meanwhile, George was afraid that Holley would feel left out. To make sure she didn't feel like she was missing out, he put some meat into her bowl and smiled. "Mom, Holley stayed in Korea for years. How could she not be used to eating the food there?"

"Oh, how silly of me." Donna smiled as she said it. "Miss Ye, please eat more."

Holley merely smiled without responding.

After that moment, she realized what Donna was doing. While Donna wasn't saying anything outright and was welcoming and polite, through her actions of being dismissive and forgetful, she was telling Holley that she was out of their league. No matter how much Holley tried to fit in with them, she was still an outsider in Donna's eyes.

Still, while Donna knew how to act, so did Holley.

She smiled calmly and said to Donna, "Auntie, just call me Holley. Calling me Miss Ye sounds too unfamiliar."

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