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   Chapter 937 Stay Out Of It

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"What you are talking about?" said Holley, denying Sheryl's suspicions. She staggered back. She regained her composure, swallowed and resolved to drive her nemesis away. "Quit wasting my time. I'm swamped and don't have time to deal with you. Just leave. You're bugging me."

"Fine. But remember this: If you mess with my friends, my family, or anyone around me, I swear you'll pay. Understand?" said Sheryl with a stern look. She meant it and had made up her mind to fight against this woman regardless of the results. Having spoken these grave words, Sheryl stood up and stared at Holley. "I will ask Susan to cancel her contract with you ASAP. Don't you dare try to control me through her again," she said scornfully.

Just as Sheryl was about to make her way out, someone suddenly pushed open the door and walked in. It was George, standing by the door with a nervous expression. The two women cast a glance at George, and then just ignored him.

Holley was motionless, face pale, sweat dripping from her forehead, as if all her dirty secrets were exposed and she was having a hard time facing it. While Sheryl looked rather impassive, she looked at Holley and said evenly in front of George, "Miss Ye, remember what I said. I'm not kidding."

George, who was still standing by the door, was a bit stunned to hear those harsh words from Sheryl. He could not help asking, "Holley, what did you do this time?" Concern in his voice, he rushed towards Holley and stood before her, asking, "Didn't I tell you that? Why you didn't listen to me? Why are you fighting with her? Again, what did you do?"

"Shut up!" Holley was pissed off and blurted this out. George was shocked and went blank for an instant. She was really angry at this moment. She couldn't stand to be exposed by Sheryl, and accused by George, her boyfriend, in front of Sheryl. This was humiliating.

She turned her cold face to Sheryl. "I have no problem with you leaving. Hell, it might save me some trouble. I won't let you take Susan, though. And if you think you can beat me, think again. I refuse to cancel Susan's contract, and don't you try to sabotage her bright future. She can be quite a successful model, if you just stay out of our lives."

Sheryl sneered, knowing that it was impossible to talk Holley into anything, so she just stopped talking.

She turned and walked to the door. George grabbed Sheryl's shoulder and pulled her closer. "If you run into any problems, come to me; I'll do my best to help. And please excuse Holley if she said something offensive. She is just not mature enough to behave herself, so you'll excuse her rudeness. Hopefully you won't hold this against us." He was afraid, but not of Sheryl. It was her husband Charles who frightened him.

Sheryl shook off George's hands and said politely, "Mr. Han, you're kind to offer. I really thank you for that, but you don't need to offer any help to me." She paused for a while, and then went on to explain, "Mr. Han, this is between me and her. She knows what she did. This will get resolved one way or another

to go. That was what a girlfriend should do.

Hearing Holley's consent, George felt relieved and wore a smile on his face. He looked at her and went on to say, "That's great. I'll leave now and be back to pick you up later."

Holley nodded gently. Neither of them said anything about Sheryl anymore.

When it was almost quitting time, George came to pick up Holley. He saw that she was in a set of business attire and thought she looked too formal for a visit with his mother, so he said, "Would you like to go back and change your clothes?"

As a matter of fact, his mother Donna didn't like Holley in charge of too many things in the company. Considering this, George thought it might be better for Holley to change into more casual clothes so she would have a better time during dinner with his mother. He was thinking of getting his mother's permission if they were to get married.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with my business wear," said Holley, not thinking about it. She did not consider it a big deal. It was only a family dinner with George's mother. Why should she bother to change her clothes? She liked herself in business wear, making her look more vigorous and experienced as a working woman.

Hearing that, George furrowed his brows. Since Holley was not willing to change her clothes, he didn't insist anymore.

When they got into the car, he spoke to Holley on the way. "My mom bought a house in Y City recently, and she just moved in a few days ago. I bought her some housewarming gifts—they're in the trunk. Would you like to give them to her? My mom will be delighted to get gifts from you."

"Bought a house?" asked Holley with her eyebrows knitted, wondering what his mother intended to do in Y City. "What do you mean by that? Will she be here long?"

"Holley..." George frowned, not pleased with her words. Even though he knew Holley did not have a great relationship with his mother, he just couldn't take it for granted that she showed no respect to his mother. He had to draw the line somewhere.

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