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   Chapter 936 The Real Holley

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The secretary refused to let Sheryl enter Holley's office. "Miss Xia, you're not an employee of BM Corporation anymore. I need you to hand over your key card, please. You're not allowed inside."

"Don't worry. I'll hand it over after I see Holley." Sheryl was about to walk forward in but Holley's secretary grabbed her tightly to stop her.

Holley noticed the noise outside and opened the door. "What's going on here, Mona? What's the noise all about?"

"Miss Ye..." Mona was the name of Holley's secretary. She walked up to Holley and said, "Sheryl is here. But don't worry. She is just leaving."

"Let her in," Holley said in a cold tone.

"But Miss Ye..." Mona was reluctant to let Sheryl in. She didn't want more drama, and didn't want Holley to quarrel with George again because of Sheryl.

"I said let her in." Holley squinted, and her voice took on a serious tone.

Startled, Mona said timidly, "Okay."

Sheryl cast a contemptuous glance at Mona and entered Holley's office.

Siting on the sofa, Holley tried to pretend she was laid back. "Close the door," she said indifferently. "I don't think you want anyone else eavesdropping either, right?"

Sheryl sneered and said, "Seems like you already knew I'd pay you a visit."

Holley gave a smirk and answered, "I knew you'd come. What's more, I know why you're here."

"Oh, really?" Sheryl gave a cold smile and sat in the seat opposite to Holley's.

"Would you like some tea?" Holley poured Sheryl a cup of tea and put it on the table in front of her.

"Do you want to talk about Susan?" Holley asked with a cold smile.

"Yeah." Sheryl just admitted

at do I want?" Holley grinned and answered, "Nothing. I just hate seeing you happy. I know how many people you've hurt just to make sure you come out on top. I want to see you suffer for that."

"You're not Holley!" Sheryl suddenly said. Staring at Holley, Sheryl said, "You're Yvonne!"

Stunned, Holley was silent for a while and she denied, "What the hell are you talking about?""

"You know what I'm saying! Quit lying!"

Sheryl gave a sneer and said, "You went to South Korea three years ago. You had a plastic surgery to change your face. And you came back just to take revenge on me, right?"

The signs were there the whole time that this wasn't Holley. Although she didn't look like Yvonne, her little habits, her body language, it was unmistakable. People don't change that much.

Even her allergies were the same. Sheryl knew her pretty well, so she tossed it out there.

Actually she was not sure, either. She said that just to see how Holley reacted.

Seeing Holley's nervous eyes, Sheryl got her answer.

Holley was really Yvonne, who had taken on another identity.

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