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   Chapter 933 Terminate The Contract

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On their way home, Sheryl discussed with Charles that she decided not to tell her family what had happened. The least that she wanted was for the Zhao family to be worried about her.

Charles had dinner together with the Zhao Family that evening. Shirley kept asking him regarding the news about Clark, so Abby felt jealous. "Oh, girl. I feel sad that I have taken care of you for so many days but you only care about your brother." Abby feigned an annoyed voice.

Sheryl couldn't help laughing. "In her heart, Clark is even much more important than me," she commented.

Amy felt pleased to see Sheryl and her family happy together. But she was still concerned about Sue, so she made some chicken soup, and had it ready to send to her.

"Sher, I want to know Sue's home address. I am going to send her some soup," Amy said. "You just came back. You better take a rest."

Sheryl stopped her by saying, "Grandma, you don't have to do this. Sue is in M City now, not at home."

"How come she is in M City? She is pregnant. Did anything happen to her?" Amy asked Sheryl with great concern.

"You don't need to worry. The Xiao family will take good care of her. She will be okay." Sheryl smiled and said in a loving tone, "Grandma, I'm your granddaughter, remember? Why does it seem that you have taken Sue as your own granddaughter?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Amy lectured her in a tender voice. "You have all of us in you company," she added. "But Sue is different. She suffered too much."

She almost couldn't refrain her tears. Sheryl consoled her immediately, "Fine, Grandma. I will invite her so she can come visit you when she returns."

Amy was contented with her promise. She then looked at Charles before she dragged Sheryl to a corner. "Sher, I think you have rebuilt your close relationship with Charles. So when do you plan to move back and live with him?"

"Grandma, are you trying to d

s desk, as he worked on his laptop.

Upon seeing Sheryl, he greeted her warmly, "Come in, Miss Xia. Welcome."

Somehow he looked unhappy and she guessed that he had argued with Holley about this matter. The atmosphere got very awkward.

She walked up towards him and said hello in a low voice.

George invited Sheryl to sit down, and she did. "Wait a minute, I have asked my assistant to bring the papers here."

Meanwhile, he gave her a cup of tea and started the conversation. "Miss Xia, about that day's event, I feel very sorry. I have criticized Holley harshly. I hope you can forget all the unpleasantness between us."

"Mr. Han." Sheryl smirked and added, "If I had treated Holley in the same way, will you forgive me after I apologize?"

George was dumbfounded as he didn't expect Sheryl could turn the tables so quickly. He felt embarrassed and tried to console her, "I understand your feeling. But what happened is all in the past, I hope you can forgive her with your mercy."

"Mr. Han," Sheryl interrupted him impatiently. "Nobody knows how far she would go into harming others next time. You don't have to care about my feelings because it makes no sense. You should pay more attention to Holley's behavior and make sure she won't make the same mistake again."

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