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   Chapter 932 The Argument

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Upon hearing Cary's words, Sheryl started blushing, feeling shy.

He smiled and try to make her feel at ease. "Sheryl, please don't worry. Charles and I are old friends and this is how we talk. I'm sorry if I offended you," he said kindly.

"No, of course not…" Sheryl waved her hands in denial.

During the meal, Cary and Charles talked about their business half the time. Every now and then, Charles would put the skinned shrimps on Sheryl's plate.

Sheryl, on the other hand, sat quietly by his side without disturbing them.

They were talking about something unfamiliar to her, so she preferred to listen silently.

Cary looked at Charles' delicate care towards Sheryl and couldn't help but sigh, "You two really are a pair of love birds…"

Redness started creeping up Sheryl's face. Charles only smiled and joked, "If you really admire us, why not find a girlfriend of your own? I heard that your grandfather is arranging a blind date for you. Since both of you have this plan, you should return home soon and deal with the arrangement. Don't be rebellious and just end your single life!"

Cary leaned back comfortably in his chair. He smiled bitterly, "I do want a girlfriend, but I need to find the right one. Someone who really loves me. You know, the girls my Grandpa chooses were all born into rich families. Even though they look as innocent and gently as kittens, they can't fool me. They're boring!"

"You're really…" Charles could only shake his head and smile bitterly in return. Cary's problem was exactly the same as his before. He didn't like arranged marriages. Charles agreed to accept the marriage to the Gu family only because of his grandfather. However, he didn't expect that it would turn out to have such a lovely result. He married Sheryl in the end and he knew it was a very lucky thing.

"Your Grandpa is doing it for your sake. He wants you to have a good marriage and family in the future. You should try to understand him," Charles said, looking at Cary.

"Forget it!" Lips curled in disagreement, Cary said seriously, "Look at my parents. They accepted the arrangement from the start. What has become of them now? After the marriage, they couldn't get along well and even cheated on each other. They ended up divorcing! Po

ted, trying to ease her anger.

Moving in and embracing her, he continued, "I know how sad and angry you are. But… Holley… could you wait just a little longer? At the right time, when they are unprepared, you can take your revenge on Sheryl as much as you like. I won't interfere, I promise!"

He kissed her on the cheek affectionately. "I love you so much! I don't want to lose you. You can't imagine how desperate and scared I was when I received your message. The only thing on my mind was you. I swore I'd keep you safe at all cost!

I was so afraid that I was too late to save you…"

Tightly enveloped in George's arms, Holley heard his voice from above her head, professing his love and worry for her. Her heart began to soften at his words.

She sighed and comforted him, "It's all over. I'm right in front of you. I'm safe. Don't worry anymore."

George stroked her hair and pleaded, "Promise me not to go to her, okay?"

His request, though, made Holley go ballistic. She pushed him away harshly and started screaming, "It's impossible!"

After the long quarrel, they failed to reach an agreement. Neither one could understand the other.

George put Holley into the car by force, turning a blind eye to her shouts and unwillingness.

Meanwhile, Cary planned to leave M City since he had finished the job. Coincidentally, he found that his plane was the same as Sheryl and Charles', so they went on the trip together.

As soon as they arrived, Charles sent Sheryl back to the Zhao family.

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