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   Chapter 931 Is This All My Fault

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Sheryl truly felt happy for Sue and she congratulated her with a big, wholehearted smile. "It's so good to see you and Anthony have gotten over the hard times to get together again. Only good times should be ahead of you."

As for Anthony, Sheryl didn't have a very clear impression of him. In truth, she still knew very little about the man, even though she had the chance to be around him for a lengthy period of time. She even forgot the fact that he was from M City. Given that, she felt rather ashamed of herself, feeling like she was impolite.

Sheryl just had to keep smiling to disguise her embarrassment. Wanting to escape the situation, she realized she should rush a short goodbye and say that she had something important to do. So she took Sue with a warm embrace and said, "Well, let's meet back in Y City next time."

"Sure." Sue gently nodded her head and looked at Sheryl, the attachment still hinted by her eyes. "I feel settled to see that you're okay. Now I have to go. Anthony is waiting for me downstairs."

There were several reasons that kept Anthony from going upstairs with Sue. One was that he knew he should give the two some privacy to talk as they had much to say to each other. As for the other reason, Charles was also up there beside Sheryl. No matter what fault he had done, Anthony made up his mind to take responsibility for his actions and develop a fresh start with Sue. He was sure that Sheryl would believe him and forgive him for what he had done, but he was not as confident that Charles could tolerate him the same way.

He was certain that going up with Sue would only ruin the good friends' moment, so he decided to wait alone downstairs.

Sheryl led Sue back to the door and turned to look Sue in the eye. With great care she said, "Don't forget to give me a call, okay? Even when you go back. I'll pay you a visit later."

"I know." Sue was delighted to hear that and returned a hearty smile to Sheryl before turning around to leave and close the door behind her.

As soon as the door swung shut, Charles leaned on Sheryl from behind, snaking his arms around her body. He couldn't wait any longer to give Sheryl an eager embrace and curiously asked, "What were you talking about?"

"About private matters between sisters," Sheryl answered him in a very playful tone. She could feel his heartbeat speed up wildly on her back, which made her feel tingly and excited. She tried to stay cool and asked him with her lips curled up, "Have you finished all your work?"

"Almost." Charles took a look at Sheryl and couldn't help but let the enchanted feeling bubble up inside him because of her pretty face. He couldn't resist her charm and simply buried his head against her chest to enjoy the sweet smell with gusto.

To him, there was something magical about her body, making it impossible for him to contain his desire for her.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that." The thought suddenly struck Sheryl. "I have to give Susan a phone call right away." She stopped Charles from his playful touching and asked, "My dear Charles, have you made an appointment with Cary? When and where are we supposed to meet?" Sherly then turned into a busy mood. "Now, I have to call Susan up."

Charles could see that she was in a hurry, so he quickly adjusted himself and relayed to her the details about meeting with Ca

was no doubt that she could prepare enough money to pay the penalty for herself with Isla's help. As for Susan, she wasn't so sure.

"Let me help you with that. I can get you the money." When Charles offered to pay the money for Susan, he said it so casually, even without hesitation. "I want to thank her for saving you from Holley's scheme."

"Really?" It was a delightful surprise to hear it. Sheryl couldn't believe what she had just heard and had to make sure of it. Her eyes were full of happiness.

Charles felt pleased to see his love wearing such an expression. "My darling, you have such a kind heart. Whenever you are helped by anyone and however small the favor is, you always keep it in mind and try your best to return the favor with a big one."

Hearing what he said, Sheryl turned bashful and nodded her head slightly. She planned to deal with Susan's problem after she came back. Now, she had to be careful not to miss the appointment. She checked the time and headed out with Charles.

She owed Cary before and promised to return the favor, so no matter what went down, she had to keep her promise.

Neither Sheryl nor Charles lived in M City, so they didn't expect to encounter a traffic jam on the road at that time. Indeed, they were stuck in a bad one. Though they had set off ten minutes earlier than planned, they couldn't avoid arriving late to the hotel.

Cary seemed to have been waiting a very long time. Seeing their appearance, he frowned and complained to Charles, "Charles, I don't want to be rude, but it was you who invited me to dinner and you show up so late, keeping your guest waiting for so long. You have to give a good excuse for this."

"Mr. Su, I'm terribly sorry for keeping you waiting. Charles and I… We didn't expect to get stuck in such a heavy traffic." Sheryl apologized to Cary patiently and earnestly.

"There's no need for you to apologize to him, Sher." Charles pulled her close to himself and simply said, "It's just a while of waiting, he didn't have to make such a fuss. You don't need to care about him. Just pay the bill when we finished dinner."

Hearing that, Cary felt almost speechless. "Wow, it's as if I'm the one who arrived late. So this is all my fault?"

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