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   Chapter 930 Charles' Coquetry

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Since Sheryl was drugged, Charles worried about her unconscious state. Concern filled his eyes as he closely stared at the body laid underneath him.

Several moments later, Sheryl opened her eyes to find Charles looking at her in a familiar daze. She could see the concern in his eyes. She knew she might regret it when she got up the next morning, but her heart and her brain seemed to agree on the same thing this time. She did not speak. Instead, she reached out, held Charles' face and gave him an affectionate kiss.

The kiss started as gentle and it tasted as sweet as their first. But the longer their lips locked, the more he felt tempted to go further. He could not take it anymore.

His senses were lost. His lips were pressed on hers firmly. Their arms tightly embraced each other as they pulled their bodies closer. The heat between them felt more like electricity as it flowed from every inch of his body to hers.

Pleasure filled moans echoed throughout the room along with the bed that creaked beneath their intense actions. Her hands were bound to the bed frame as he continued to ravage her sensuous body. The more she screamed, the more he was enticed to move quicker, deeper, and stronger. He never failed to make the woman beneath him scream out his name endlessly.

Their screams harmonized, making a lewd symphony and with one final thrust, all was undone. He then looked at her, without saying a word.

Sheryl felt she was all worn-out that she dozed off quickly. She slept deeply that she was not even aware that Charles wrung out a heated towel and wiped her body carefully with it. After he was done, he put his arm around her and fell asleep.

The first rays of the morning sun shone in. Sheryl raised her hands to block them, stretched, and sat up.

The drag had already worn off. Sheryl regained her mobility. Seeing that Charles was nowhere in sight, she went to the bathroom to wash up. She found one of Charles' shirts on a drawer and put it on before heading out the bedroom.

She peeked at the room and found Charles seated on the sofa outside. He was reading a newspaper, his eyes wrinkled at the sides as he went through an article. His long legs were crossed, and the sun outside the window was shining brightly on him.

Sheryl could feel her heart racing as she saw him. She clearly had last night's sensation still intact.

Charles put down his coffee cup and greeted her, "Good morning." He could not hide his smile as he checke

nd someone to deal with you." Her tone sounded worried again.

"Don't worry about me." Sue reminded her, "I still have a full year left for me before I return to work, and a lot can happen in a year. So don't think too much about it."

"But..." Sheryl still concerned, tried to reason out. Sue gave her another reassuring look. It was enough for her to trust her.

"Never mind." She finally gave up and sighed. Sue smiled, "You don't have to worry about my business anymore. Anyway, Anthony will back me up. You just need to take care of your own things now. I believe that Holley will not let you off the hook easily."

"I know. This thing is always going to work out," Sheryl sighed.

She felt that she should come up to Holley to discuss the matter personally.

"Sue, I was going to invite a friend to dinner with Charles, to thank him for helping me last night. Would you like to come with us?" Sheryl's invite came as unexpected.

Sue shook her head slightly. "I'm sorry but I can't. There's a meal already waiting for me."

"Meal?" Sheryl was surprised that Sue declined her invite. She was not sure what she was referring to.

"Did you forget? Anthony is from M City. All their relatives and friends are here. When they heard that Anthony and I just came back, Laura prepared to invite everyone to a meal so we can also discuss our wedding plans. As you have known, I hardly have any family members to attend so all the planning about my wedding is really up to them." Sue tried to hide the nervousness in her voice as she explained it.

Sheryl listened attentively. She knew that Sue had been waiting for this day for a long time.

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