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   Chapter 929 Do You Know What You Are Doing

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 11010

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"Get in the car," Sheryl told Susan. Charles strapped Sheryl in, but she was more worried about Susan, who was still standing outside the car, behind Charles, not moving. "Get in the car quickly," she told Susan again hurriedly.

"I..." Susan looked like she had something on her mind that she wasn't able to speak out. She hesitated, avoiding Sheryl's worried look and said weakly, "Sher, I don't want to get in the car."

"Why? What are you thinking?" Sheryl was stunned by Susan's words. Then she shook her head, quickly coming to herself again. "If you go back to the hotel now, you won't make it. Listen to me, Susan, hurry up and get in the car."

"But I have to go back to the hotel, no matter what happens," said Susan, giving Sheryl a helpless smile. "All my luggage is back there, and I have nowhere else to stay."

"Don't worry about your luggage. You can go back to get it tomorrow." Sheryl frowned. She did not want Susan to get hurt. She didn't want anything to happen to her friend. She sighed and tried again, "Susan, get in the car first. We'll talk later."

"No, I really can't get in the car and leave with you." Susan shrugged, smiling lamely. Feeling helpless, she continued, "Sher, you don't have to worry about me. Seeing that you are all right makes me feel relieved."

"Susan, get in." Charles chimed in. He did not want Susan to get hurt in any way either. "If you won't leave with us, please at least let me drive you to the hotel where you live. It's already late and it won't be easy to get a cab. It's dangerous."

Susan hesitated for a while, and finally got in the car.

As the car drove up in front of the hotel, Susan moved to get out, but Sheryl turned to her and asked, "Are you sure you aren't leaving with us?" Her voice had a tone of full concern and even fear for her friend.

"Yes, I'm sure," Susan said, giving her a polite smile. "Sher, have a good rest. I will pack your things for you. We will meet in Y City."

Saying that, she stepped out of the car and went through the front doors, entering the building. Watching her friend's back as she walked away, Sheryl bit her bottom lip. She couldn't help but feel upset. She felt like not being able to help Susan at all.

Charles took Sheryl back to his hotel, which was not too far from where Holley was staying. He carried her all the way to their room and lay her down on the bed before going to get the bath ready for her.

Sheryl felt that her strength was coming back, and thought that she could take a bath by herself. However, when she stood to walk to the bathroom, she fainted, her legs giving out under her. As she fell, she let out a pain-streaked cry.

Charles rushed out of the bathroom at her cry, and quickly swept her up into his arms. "Why did you get up by yourself?" he asked, his voice full of fear and worry. "You haven't recovered yet. You should lie in bed and rest. When the bath is ready, I'll get you and help you in."

"Uh, I think I can do it myself," Sheryl told him, her cheeks flushing a light red.

Looking at her cheeks, Charles smiled but did not say anything. Instead, he carried her into the bathroom and set her on the marble floor near the bathtub.

Then he began to undress her. Sheryl became nervous at Charles' movements and

t his chest. When she felt his heartbeat, her own heartbeat started to become faster and faster.

"It's too late to regret what you did." His voice, full of sensuality and allure, came to her ears. His breathing deepened slightly and his heart was quickening against her hand. The next second, she felt all of his weight on top of her, pressing her back into the bed.

She was nervous, but at the same time, she wanted to make love to him. She was excited and looking forward to it, in fact. As she ran her hands down his back and along his waist and then his front, his passion rose even further.

"Charles... be gentle." She didn't want to refuse him anymore. Instead, she wanted him to continue kissing her, caressing her, stroking her all over...

Her whisper was what tipped him over the edge. He let out a small groan and leaned down against her. He kissed her ear, her cheek, her mouth, her neck, all the way down her body. He pressed his own body against hers. One of his hands untied her bathrobe, and the other was busy kneading her breasts.

She felt the ultimate lust inside her body, and that her petite figure was soft like a little cat underneath his muscular body. She realized that her own skin was hot and that her face felt like it was scorching; as she continued to run her hands all over his body, she could feel the heat. It was like a flame. It was when her bathrobe was discarded aside that she realized there was nothing in between her and Charles, only their naked bodies.

Outside, it was placid. The moon was high in the night sky and it lit up the whole world. It was a tender night; the moonlight was shadowed by the curtain and shone on the couple's entangled bodies, which were glowing with love.

In the past three years, Charles had dreamed of such a loving scene in countless times. Now it had come true, and it was thrilling every cell inside his body.

His hands and lips pressed against her silkily smooth skin. And she felt like she was at the peak of ecstasy. A familiar feeling surged up in her. While she was fascinated about the sensation, his tempting voice softly brushed her ears, "Sher, do you know what you are doing with me now?"

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