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   Chapter 928 Make A Deal

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"But I would like to talk about the worst situation first," Charles said with a sarcastic smile. He looked at George and continued in an impassive voice, "This time I let her go for your sake, Mr. Han. But if she dares to do harm to Sheryl again, don't blame me for being ruthless and tough. I won't allow her to do something to harm Sher again."

"Mr. Lu, I promise you. She won't harm your wife again," George promised Charles in a firm voice.

"All right." Charles nodded. George turned to leave with Holley. "So... can we leave now?"

"Do as you please," Charles answered. George walked over to Holley. "Leave with me now," he ordered her, his facial expression cold.

Holley reluctantly followed George, viciously glaring at Charles as they left.

After they left, other models there also started to leave. One of them, Coral, saw that she wasn't held accountable, so she hurried out.

Having seen Holley be released so easily, Cary frowned, his eyebrows furrowing into a knot. "Are you going to let her go that easily?" he asked in disbelief.

"Definitely not," Charles said immediately with a sardonic smile. "Holley has harmed Sheryl big time. How could I just discharge her so easily?" Charles added.

"So what do you want to do?" Cary knew that Charles had a plan, but he didn't know what that plan was.

"They still hold the contract that Sheryl signed. If we push them too hard, it's bad for both parties. I let Holley go just to free Sher from that contract. Without that contract, isn't it easier for us to teach Holley a hard lesson?" Charles turned to Cary. Watching Holley leave, he felt something familiar about her. When her figure receded further into the distance, he couldn't help but wonder if they had met before.

"Did Holley know Sheryl before?" Cary asked in puzzlement. "Judging from what she has done to Sheryl, I always think that she hates Sheryl. It isn't likely to be as simple as what she said just now," Cary added.

"I think so too," Charles said and nodded his head in agreement. Then he squinted again, continuing, "I don't know when Sheryl offended her so that she hates Sheryl so much."

"Ah, don't think about it anymore," Charles said, waving his hand as to wave away all thoughts about Shirley and Holley. Then he changed the topic. "I will have someone check Holley. We need to know her story and her circumstance, and only when we do, we'll know why."

Cary then followed Charles to the lift gate. Confused, Charles asked, "Are you not leaving now?"

"Leave? T

o him. In order to show her gratitude, Sheryl pulled Susan over. "Susan, please express gratitude for me to him, please."

"Thank… thank you, Mr. Su," Susan said quietly as she fixed her gaze at a point on the floor.

Charles exchanged a knowing look with Sheryl. Both of them had just gotten same thought: there was a chance for Cary and Susan to be together.

"It's late. We'd better not bother Mr. Su any more. It's time to leave," Charles said with a smile. Then he turned around and said to Sheryl, "When you feel better tomorrow, we can reward Mr. Su with dinner."

"Okay," Sheryl agreed, nodding. She tried to get up from the bed and stand by herself, but she didn't have enough strength. Susan noticed this and moved to give her support, but before she could, Charles walked briskly over to Sheryl and picked her up, carrying her in bridal style.

"What are you doing?" Sheryl exclaimed, utterly surprised. She felt embarrassed for being carried like this in front of others.

Cary frowned, shooting Charles a disapproving look. "Just leave now, you two. No need to show off your affection in front of single guys like me."

"Put me down, Charles. I can walk myself," Sheryl said, her face flushing with embarrassment. "I will be teased," Sheryl added, blushing even more.

"Who dares tease you?" Charles said nonchalantly. "Just stay in my arms. Don't pretend that you are fine. I will carry you out," Charles told her, still holding her in his arms in bridal style, and started to carry her out.

Upon hearing his words, Sheryl resigned to let him carry her. He carried her out of the hotel over to the car, opening the back door and gently setting her inside.

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