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   Chapter 926 Give Me An Explanation

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Charles creased his eyebrows. Chuck knelt down in front of Charles, begging for mercy. He did not look like a prominent general manager any more. He looked like a piteous beggar.

The only thing he wanted now was to survive. As long as he could save his neck, he was willing to do anything.

"Mr. Lu! It's not my fault! That woman lied to me! You won't see me again! Please let me go! Please!" Chuck crawled on his hands and knees over to Charles, and hugged the man's legs. He begged pathetically.

"Why should I?" Charles sneered. He kicked Chuck and the man went rolling, bringing his hands up to fend off any more attacks. "This isn't over!" Charles roared.

Charles was here to negotiate the terms of the contract between Shining Company and Eternity Company. That was why he was here in person—he thought it would be a good deal, even better if he could dictate terms.

However, when he got here and found that Chuck was the general manager of Eternity Company, he started to doubt whether this was a good idea. He believed that the future of Eternity Company was at stake.

That was why he canceled the contract with Eternity.

Now they might have to replace their general manager.

"David," Charles commanded, "take him down to the station. The police will deal with him accordingly. But remember..."

Charles sneered and looked at Chuck hatefully. "Keep him locked up as long as you can. Understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Lu!" David answered. Chuck realized he was screwed. When David took him away, he started to show his true colors. He used the filthiest and most malicious words to curse Charles and his family. But to Charles, it was little more than a dog barking.

Charles turned his gaze to Holley.

She just came out of a fight with Chuck, so she was a mess. Her long hair was disheveled and wild, evening dress torn and wrinkled. The most prominent sign of this fight was her swollen face. Her friends might not recognize her now.

But none of this dampened her arrogance. She stared at Charles coldly and snorted w

his head when he discovered that Holley was slapped. He was so mad he couldn't think clearly, so he blamed Charles.

Charles looked at George coldly and asked, "Did you see me hurt her? Ask her who did it."

Charles sneered and gave George a contemptuous look. "I would love to beat her myself if I got the chance. But if I did it, she'd know! She wouldn't be able to come crying to you."

"You..." George was so angry that he was speechless. He was about to retort when Holley tugged on his clothes and said, "George, it wasn't Mr. Lu."

"Then who did this?" George frowned. Holley kept silent. George continued to speak, "Tell me who did it. Don't be afraid. No matter who it was, I'll make them pay!"

Holley took a look at George's angry face, embarrassed. She didn't want to give him a direct answer. Then she said, "Mr. Lu turned him into the cops. He's in jail right now. Just let it go. Let's go home!"

Holley was desperate to leave. But George wasn't going to give up that easily. His woman was hurt. Someone had to pay. He asked angrily, "Go home? Hell no!

Mr. Lu, you're involved in this somehow. I want to know how!" George wanted to be a hero, a real man in front of Holley.

He knew about Holley's trip to M City. But he had no idea what Holley had done.

He thought that Holley was the victim, and he'd definitely get even with Charles.

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