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   Chapter 925 The Woman Who Hates Sheryl

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9254

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Chuck stared at Cary with utter disbelief. After hearing Cary's words, he knew that he was damned. Lying on the floor, he confirmed with a faint hope, "Mr. Su, are you kidding me? Please tell me that it's a joke. It's not funny at all."

"Of course not," Cary nodded slightly adding to Chuck's misery. "Mr. Zhang, I'm sorry to tell you the truth, but you have been deceived." Chuck's jaws dropped and his eyes popped out at every word uttered by Cary.

Yes, he had been deceived. Rather stabbed in his back by that bitch Holley.

He rose up from the floor and passed his fingers through his hair, his face flustered in an uncontrollable rage. He owed an explanation from Holley, so he rushed to her while muttering under his breath.

"You bitch! How dare you lie to me!" he shouted as soon as he came face to face with Holley. Unable to control his anger, he landed a tight slap in Holley's face. The sudden blow totally caught her off guard so she didn't react at all. Chuck stared at her with hatred as she absorbed the slap.

Holley placed her palm on the slapped cheek to sooth the sharp pain as she tried to put her act together. Recovering from the sudden shock, she shouted back at Chuck, "What's wrong with you? Have you gone mad?"

'We are in the same boat now,' she thought to herself. 'How could he fight with me?'

Chuck didn't feel the same way though. He yelled back at her, "You are a shameless bitch. It's you who dragged me into this abyss. I will kill you today. And I mean it!" In one swift move, Chuck grabbed Holley's hair with one hand, and started slapping her in the face repeatedly with the other. "You fucking bitch!" he screamed. "How dare you set me up! I am damned anyway. But I won't let you walk away freely. You will go to hell with me. You bitch." Saying this Chuck twisted his arms around Holley's neck.

"Stop!" Holley shouted as she struggled to free herself from Chuck's stranglehold. She didn't fear even Charles, let alone Chuck who was much less frightening. Continuing with the struggle to free herself, she said, "That's enough, Chuck Zhang. Are you shameless? How could you beat a woman in front of so many people?"

"You said I'm shameless? Huh?" Chuck said, seething in anger. He tightened his grasp around her neck so that she could not move. Chuck sneered at Holley and said, "Since I am damned, why should I be afraid of losing my face? I am over. You told me that she had an affair with Charles, but you didn't tell me that she is his wife."

Holley rolled her eyes as if that was not a big deal. "What is the difference?" she teased. But deep inside, she knew that if she had shared the reality with Chuck in the beginning, he would have lost all the courage then and there.

Holley looked at Chuc

said, "You saved Sheryl, so even if you want me to buy all of your apartments, I will oblige."

"That's not necessary," Cary said with a smile. "I will be happy if you can make some time and come to my selling ceremony."

"I will. Don't worry," Charles promised. Meanwhile, Chuck, who had been standing nearby, inched closer to Charles and said, "Mr. Lu, trust me, I am innocent. It's this bitch who framed me up. I didn't know that she is your wife. If I had known that, I wouldn't have touched her, not even her clothes." He spoke apologetically and pleaded mercy from Charles.

Charles frowned slightly, and casted a thoroughly disgusted glance at Chuck.

There were a lot of people around them, and Charles didn't want them know his secrets. After all, rumors were the worst thing to handle. He gave David a meaningful glance and David started to disperse the crowd immediately, leaving only Chuck, Cary and the staff of BM Corporation.

Charles looked at Chuck and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Zhang, you are really brave." The stillness in his eyes sent a chill through Chuck's spine.

Chuck was so scared that his face turned pale. He stammered, "No, no, no. I can explain. Please give me a chance." His throat went dry and his knees trembled as he spoke. He stammered at every word he pushed himself to speak. "Trust me, Mr. Lu. I didn't know that the woman is your wife. Holley cheated me. I am innocent. I did not know anything. Please believe me."

Charles gave Holley an icy glance. From the very beginning, he had this strong intuition about Holley. He found her to be weird. It seemed that she had met Sheryl with some special purposes.

Cary stood by Charles' side and whispered, "I had asked them several questions. It seemed that Chuck had been set up. It's this woman who hates Sheryl and wants to destroy her."

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