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   Chapter 924 You Touched The Wrong Girl

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5987

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:18

Holley knew that she couldn't weasel out of it today. She sneakily texted George to ask for help, then sat on the floor, and waited in fear.

Susan brought Charles to Chuck. Charles nodded when he saw Cary.

It was too unfriendly a scene for old friends who finally reunited. But the only thing Charles cared about now was Sheryl—he was not in the mood for courtesy.

"Mr.... Mr. Lu?!" Chuck didn't expect to see the man ever again. He stared at him, watching him walk over and swallowed nervously. He had already seen how cruelly Charles treated Holley. He was positive he was a dead man.

"What brings you here?" Chuck asked awkwardly.

Susan took a hateful glance at Chuck and then addressed Charles, "This guy took Sher away! It's him!"

"What? What are you talking about?" Chuck shuddered inwardly and tried to explain himself. His voice was anxious. "Mr. Lu, listen. I can explain..."

Sweat formed on Chuck's forehead, and the beads began to run into his brows. But Charles just wanted him to get to the point. He stared at Chuck sullenly and asked, "Where is she?"

"What? Who?" Chuck was stunned, not knowing exactly what he was asking. This poor man was totally freaked out.

"Where is she? I won't ask again." Charles repeated the question in a deep voice, on the brink of eruption. Only he knew how hard he was fighting to keep his composure.

"She..." Chuck mumbled. He took a glance at Charles and then at Cary, not knowing how to answer. They were both too powerful for him to anger. He didn't know which side he should choose.

When Chuck was hesitating, Cary spoke up. "She's in my room," he said.

When Charles heard Cary's answer, he was surprised. He didn't know what happened during that period. Before he could say anything, Cary took out h

now. You gotta believe me! Holley came to me first! And yeah, I was hot for her. I'm a guy. Guys always lose their heads over women, right?"

Chuck tried to defend himself. He looked at Cary through his pitiable eyes. "How did I know he'd get so pissed and even come for her personally! I..."

Chuck paused and smiled bitterly. He continued to beg Cary, "Come on! Let me out of here!"

"Not happening, man. Keep dreaming," Cary sneered coldly. "Can't help you this time," he said. "But I can tell you something."

"What... What thing?" Chuck asked anxiously.

"That call girl isn't Charles' mistress, but..." Cary paused, knowing that the answer would shock him. He continued, "She's his wife, and the mother of his two kids."

"What? No! It's impossible!" Chuck cried desperately. He was totally shocked. How was it possible? So everything Holley told him was a lie.

"D-Didn't... his wife die three years ago?" Chuck asked, desperately grasping at straws. He really didn't know.

"No. She wasn't." Cary didn't know it either until he met Sheryl. Then he realized that Sheryl was actually Autumn. "I'm telling you this, because I need you to know—you touched the wrong girl!"

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