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   Chapter 923 Where Is She

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 10329

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"Mr. Su, you are not kidding, are you?" Chuck couldn't believe what he just heard. He was still upset that Charles canceled the investment he tried so hard to get. However, having someone offered him another investment was way beyond a good deal. How could he say no?

"Do I look like I am kidding?" Cary questioned back. "Or are you trying to say that you have found another investor already?"

"No, no. I actually feel very much honored to have you as our partner," Chuck replied excitedly. However, he was still skeptical, thus, he asked, "Mr. Su, have you really decided to partner with us?"

After all, the business opportunity that he was longing for was too good to be true.

"Sure," said Cary. "I have been noticing the development of the Eternity Company for the past couple of years. I'm seeing great potential. You know, as a modest businessman, I won't let this precious opportunity to slip by. I'm not sure if you are available for small chats right now. I'd like us to have a small business chat if possible. I have a lot of things to clear out before making my final decision. I sincerely hope that you can take some time to address my queries."

"Hmm…" Chuck took a look at Sheryl and then Cary hesitantly.

Nevertheless, Cary sensed the man's doubt. He wouldn't mind pressuring Chuck to do as he wanted. "Well, if you are really busy with something else, then I guess I should leave now."

"No, no, no. I have time," Chuck hurried to agree. He was actually dying to find another investor after Shiny Company quit. There was no way that he would let go of an eager investor now, right?

He seriously wanted to enjoy the girl in his arms but he was smart enough to gauge that it wasn't worth to waste such a huge investment just for her.

"Help… Help me." Sheryl seemed to have recognized Cary in her subconscious state. Her hand weakly reached out to him in an attempt to seek help. Hugging her and pulling her hand back, Chuck embarrassedly explained, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Su. Hmm… My partner has drunk too much alcohol. I'm so sorry."

Chuck planned to deal with Sheryl after his business discussion with Cary. Thus, he called his people to take her back to his room first. However, Cary had something to say about this.

"Mr. Zhang, did you just say that she is your partner?" asked Cary in his emotionless tone.

"Yes," Chuck affirmed as he looked at Cary cautiously. Doubt suddenly got into him as he wondered why Cary asked such a question. "Is there any problem?"

"Nothing." With a meaningful smile, Cary turned to Sheryl and commented, "Looks pretty."

As a man who knew the business like the back of his hand, Chuck could read the situation from all the table's sides, under the table even. He soon realized what Cary meant with his flirtatious words and frivolous expression.

Everybody knew that Cary liked pretty girls. Thus, it was so easy to see that Cary wanted Sheryl too.

Instead of being pissed off by Cary's desire for the woman in his arms, Chuck felt excited. He knew that the investment would follow as soon as he ga

involuntarily and started patting on Charles' strong arms in a futile attempt to let her go. It was useless, though, as he didn't even budge an inch. She was doomed.

"Let… Let me go…" Gathering her last bit of strength, she squeezed the fragmented words out of her clenching teeth. Then her breathing stopped.

"Mr... Mr. Lu." Although Susan was scared to talk to the man who had lost his mind, she raised her head and courageously said, "It would do nothing good even if you kill her. The important thing right now is to save Sheryl." This timid girl, who had been hiding behind Sheryl all this while, had never been so brave in her life. She was the one who had stopped Holley from leaving just now. And this moment, she had stepped before this man who would not hesitate killing anyone.

"You know where she is?" Charles calmed a little bit after hearing Sheryl's name. He was automatically diverted back to his intention of saving Sheryl. He felt a certain familiarity with the girl before him as if they had met before. However, he couldn't be sure.

"I don't know, but I know who knows," Susan answered in her firm voice.

"Take me to that person," Charles ordered. It was only then that he released his grip on Holley's neck. The vicious woman fell to the ground, gasping hard for air. The shadow of death finally diminished. She was back to life!

"David, keep an eye on her. Make sure that she stays here. If anything ever happens to Sher, I will make her pay with her life for it!" Charles instructed dangerously.

"Yes, Mr. Lu," responded David with a quick nod. He shot a pitiful glance at the woman on the floor and let out a deep sigh.

He thought, 'She is so stupid to lay her hands on Charles' love. It took Charles years to find his wife and it's only nowadays that he finally has her back with him. He will definitely show no mercy to anyone who tries to take her away again. I have never seen him being so angry. This daring woman is about to learn her lesson. All she can do right now is to pray that Sheryl is safe.'

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