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   Chapter 921 You Can Try

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For a while, Holley had been closely observing Chuck's progress. The man, it seemed, could not wait to lay his filthy hands on Sheryl's slender waist. When Sheryl detected the hands of this wicked man on her body, she knocked his hands away angrily. With her eyes ablaze with disgust, Sheryl demanded, "Mr. Zhang, please be more respectful."

"Respectful?" Chuck derided as he heard the word, which was never part of his principles. "So funny of you to say so. I paid for it. You are mine now. Why do I have to bow to something I own? Let me warn you. You better be more tamed."

"Don't touch me!" the furious woman warned him with another harsh look as his hands tried finding their way on her waist again. "I dare you to touch me again!"

"Well, well, so spicy," commented Chuck as he gave her a suggestive once-over. "Very good, very good. You're definitely my taste," he continued. It was as though he were looking at a piece of artwork.

With a cold look, he asked in a disdainful tone, "Out of curiosity, what would you do if I touch you?"

"Try and find out!" she challenged him, narrowing her eyes. "Mr. Zhang, I believe you are someone of importance in this city, and the status of the people attending the party with you can't be low, right? Many of them are even potential partners and investors. If they ever find out about the secret deal you have with Holley, will your fame be affected? And by extension, I guess, your business as well?"

"Are you threatening me now?" sneered Chuck. The hunter was clearly offended by the supposed prey's counter-attack. Even at this stage, she still refused to give in despite his attempts of overpowering her. "Very good. You are not like any other woman. No wonder Charles desires you."

His sudden words confounded her. "You know Charles?" she asked. Seeing her in a daze pleased the vicious man.

"Of course," retorted the man. "I know him. And not only that, I even had a business negotiation with him just now."

"Then he is..." she said, her words trailing off. The woman examined her surroundings, hoping to see the familiar face. If he were there as well, she would be perfectly safe. No one would be able to hurt her, not in his presence.

"I know what you're thinking. You can stop looking for him now," advised the man. "Your dear Charles isn't here."

The tiny tad bit of hope she had immediately subsided at his words. Disappointment was clearly written on her face, which only brought Chuck more joy.

At long last, a sign of defeat could be observed on his strong-willed prey. Chuckling, he scorned at her, "Look at yourself. What a depressing face! So pathetic!"

The man showed no sympathy for the pitiful woman. More so, he even added to her pity. "What's so good about Charles that you are falling so much for him? Why not choose me instead? I'll provide a satisfactory amount of money to you every month, which would be enough for you to spend on your hobbies. I'll secure you a grand house here; you won't be alone, and I'll frequently visit you. I'd say it would be even better if you

rmally. Hide your true intentions. Don't get noticed by Sheryl."

When Coral held the glass of wine, it felt as though she were holding the weight of a mountain. Not even a minute later, she realized it was because of her morality's pressure. Unlike Holley, she did have her morality. However, on the other side of the balance was money, which could dictate the fate of her younger sister. With the money that she direly needed, her beloved sister could enjoy a much brighter future with a decent college degree. In the end, her morality lost this battle and yielded.

Quietly, she whispered to herself, "Sheryl, please don't blame me. I have no choice."

Walking up towards them, she stood in front of Chuck to shield Sheryl from being molested by the horny man.

"Mr. Zhang, what happened? Why are you so angry?" she started. "Who are you?" Chuck questioned impatiently.

Smiling back, she replied, "My name is Coral. I'm in the same company as Sheryl. Holley asked me to tell you that she needs to talk to you right now. She is right there waiting for you."

She then pointed to where Holley was standing. Right on cue, the aforementioned woman waved innocently at him.

"Well, I'll be back in a few minutes," he threw his words to Sheryl, and then left.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Coral asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay," replied Sheryl. "Why are you here? Aren't you afraid of Holley? Don't you know there's a consequence for getting involved in this mess?"

"I don't care about her at this moment," Coral answered, frowning. "We have to go."

Pointing her finger at the exit, she advised, "Now, while no one is paying attention to you, run!"

"It's useless," Sheryl stated the truth helplessly. As much as she wanted to run away, she knew that there was no way to escape. Holley had arranged her people to guard the exit, and made sure that she would be sent back inside the moment she tried stepping out.

"Then what do we do now?" Coral asked. "Do we just do nothing and wait for that nasty man to come back?"

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