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   Chapter 920 Chuck Zhang

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Chuck was irritable because of Charles' rude attitude towards him. He firmly decided to take revenge on Charles at any cost.

In the elevator, David timidly tried to ask, "Mr. Lu, are you really giving up the cooperation with Mr. Zhang's company?"

Charles merely cast a glance at David and his tone went cold. "What? Did you think I was just kidding?"

"No, no… I didn't think so," David said in a rush. "But… He was an important partner of ours. If our sales volume in this season is reduced because of your argument with him, other members of the board would blame you."

Charles simply sneered and said, "Don't worry. I'll deal with them. You should just busy yourself with what I asked you to do."

"Okay." Although a little reluctant, Dave nodded slightly.

Charles called Sheryl as he left but she didn't pick up. He frowned at that and assumed that she would call him back soon. After he finished dinner, though, there still wasn't a call for him and it got him feeling restless.

He reached Abby and found out that Sheryl went somewhere else for work, but Abby didn't know exactly where Sheryl was either.

By that point, Charles was panicked. He called Sheryl another few times but didn't get through.

"David, check where Sheryl is working right now." His tone was serious and demanding.

David realized that something must've happened. He asked nothing as he went to check Sheryl's work schedule. Charles was gripping his phone hard and nervously waiting to find out her whereabouts as soon as possible.

Finally, his phone rang. It was a call from Sue.

He suddenly realized that Sue must know where Sheryl had gone and he cursed himself for not reaching her earlier.

"Mr. Lu, is Sher with you now? She's not answering my phone. Please have her pick up the call." Sue's tone was nervous. She had just had a nightmare at noon and it made her feel restless with concern about Sheryl.

"You think she's with me?" Charles was

We can decide the restaurant for your wedding."

Sue blushed and nodded slightly.

At the same time, Sheryl had been waiting a while. They were all feeling sleepy.

Holley arrived and asked them to stand up. "Cheer up! The guests have arrived. Go out right now!" She shouted at them.

She walked up to Sheryl and said, "Sheryl, come with me." Sheryl followed Holley without a word.

There was no escape anyway and she could only be obedient as she thought of her chances.

Holley took Sheryl to a room where only an ugly man was inside. He was about forty years old with a fat belly, giving her a sense of disgust. Holley smiled and said to the man, "Mr. Zhang, this is the person you want."

"That's the woman you told me about?" Chuck examined Sheryl and found that with her pale face, she looked very pure. He believed she was the type that Charles liked.

"Yes, she is." Holley grinned at the situation. "What do you think of her? Are you satisfied?"

Chuck sneered. "Not bad," he said as he continued examining her as if she were merely a product. Sheryl felt terribly uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Then… I should take my leave now. Have fun!" Holley smirked as she said it. When she passed by Sheryl, she warned, "Don't try to play any tricks. Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson."

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