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   Chapter 919 How It Tastes Like

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Sheryl was about to follow the other models as they boarded the bus when Holley suddenly pulled her hand back and offered, "Sher, don't squeeze into that bus. Ride with me in my car instead. You're too beautiful to be stuck in a crowded bus."

Susan, still holding Sheryl's hand, looked at Holley nervously. Holley jeered at her and coldly said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to eat your Sher."

Sheryl could tell that Holley had something to tell her personally. Since it was between her and Holley, she didn't want to get Susan involved. She patted Susan on the back and assured her, "No worries. Go ahead and get on the bus."

After some hesitation, Susan finally heeded and boarded the bus with the other models. Holley was clearly annoyed by Susan's attitude towards Sheryl and scoffed, "I didn't expect you to have such a loyal friend here."

Sheryl merely stared back at her without replying.

After the bus started moving, the car that Holley and Sheryl was in just followed, carefully keeping a reasonable distance from it. After an awkward period of silence, Holley couldn't suppress her curiosity any longer and broke the silence. "Why don't you beg me to let you go?" In Holley's mind, Sheryl shouldn't have been acting so composed as she was in that moment.

"Beg you?" Sheryl didn't bother hiding her disdain in her words. "Is it of any use to beg you?"

"Why don't you try it?" Holley's eyes turned mischievous. All those years she had been waiting for that moment, the moment Sheryl would push aside her self-esteem and self-respect, bow down her proud head, and beg her. She wanted to walk all over the other woman and gain full control of her fate. Sheryl would be a timid mouse in front of a fierce cat—she had nowhere to escape.

"You've put in so much effort. I know it's impossible for you to give up just because I beg you. You won't let me go even if I get down on my knees before you." Sheryl glared at Holley with ice-cold eyes, as if she could see right through her and into her mind. "So, why would I waste my time doing something that won't get me anywhere?"

"You…" Holley started, beyond annoyed. It seemed that Sheryl won that little round. Holley's sense of superiority and victory immediately subsided when she heard Sheryl's calm words. She quickly swallowed down the feeling of defeat and tried to regain her confidence by convincing herself that Sheryl would soon face the harsh reality. With a disdainful look, she threatened the idle woman, "You're too proud for someone too close to her fate. I'm curious to find out whether you'll still have that proud look on your face after tonight, especially when you meet Charles. That will be interesting. I can't wait to see that."

"Have I hurt or displeased you before?" Sheryl asked Holley out of curiosity. She couldn't think of any reason why Holley was so dead set on taking her down. She thought it could be money, but money alone wasn't enough to explain Holley's unique treatment towards her compared to any other girl. Sheryl even had Charles backing her up, so it seeme

He looked at Charles with a rather indecent smile and lowered his voice, as if telling a secret, "I've even planned a small party tonight in the most grandiose restaurant of this city. There will be a group of very cute girls. I've heard that Mrs. Lu passed away several years ago. Would you like me to arrange a nice girl for you? I'm sure you're going to enjoy her."

His offer made Charles dart a furious glare at him, which got his voice quivering. Chuck Zhang was wrong to believe that Charles was someone with that kind of interest in random women. What made him even more wrong, was that he thought Charles was simply afraid of being found out and subsequently being defamed, so he hurried to assure him, "Mr. Lu, don't worry. I'm a very careful person. I'll make sure that no one else knows about it."

"David!" Instead of giving his remarks a reply, he called for David in anger. "Tell all the people in my company that as long as I'm still in charge of the company, there's going to be no collaboration with Eternity Company in any form," he said firmly and stormed off.

"Yes, Mr. Lu," answered David.

"Mr. Lu… Mr. Lu!" Chuck Zhang, still unwilling to give up the business opportunity, ran outside to persuade Charles once again, but only helplessly saw the latter in the lift with the doors about to shut.

It took no time for Chuck Zhang to turn from an inferior business partner seeking Charles' help to a ruthless man full of vengeance. Staring at the lift doors, he spat out, "Who the hell does he think he is? He acts like he's on such a high horse."

Taking out his phone, he made a call. "Is the woman ready?

I can't wait to find out how Charles' woman tastes. Would he be so arrogant when he finds out his woman is begging me to let her go?"

With his next plan in mind, Chuck Zhang couldn't help but laugh out loud, which washed away all the earlier displeasure with Charles. 'He was really a boss just now,' he thought to himself. 'I'll give him a harsh lesson tonight. Then he'll know who the real boss is.'

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