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   Chapter 918 The Gown

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"Miss Ye, I really don't…" Coral quickly urged herself mentally to come up with an excuse. She groaned inwardly as she nervously scanned Holley's face. She could sense that Holley seemed to know her scheme. She was desperate now in groping for the right words in her mind. But before she could muster a word, Holley coolly commanded, "Alright, just save it. You don't have to explain. I don't want to hear it."

She then gave a slow and wicked smile. Her knowing stare kept lingering at Coral, who remained motionless under her scrutinizing gaze. With a sinister smile still plastered on her face, Holley sweetly crooned, "Now… Do you still want to go for a walk?"

"Oh! No need," she stuttered with a wry smile. Coral was smart enough to heed the detectable suspicion and sarcasm lacing Holley's voice. She had no way but to give in. "I feel tired now. I want to go back and take a rest."

Coral thought that she had managed to conceal her plan well enough, but it turned out that she only succeeded in hiding nothing under Holley's nose.

She knew that insisting on going out to execute her plan to call Charles would signal a red flag on her status as Holley's enemy.

Her determination to sacrifice herself in helping an acquaintance died down after she gradually knew how powerful Holley was, so she reluctantly decided to forego her intention to help.

If she dared go against Holley's will, her fate wouldn't be better than that of Sheryl.

"Have a good rest," Holley remarked sarcastically as she gently patted Coral's shoulder. Then she started walking into the lift. She found it amusing seeing Coral still standing there as if she didn't hear anything. "What? You're not planning to go up?"

"I'm coming!" Coral snapped out from her thoughts and nervously entered the lift. She was trembling inwardly. But as soon as she heard the ding sound of the elevator, relief washed over her. She straightened herself up and then gingerly stepped out. Her heart was still pounding hard. Though she felt uneasy, she urged herself to turn back and to look at Holley.

She was able to catch the odd smile Holley gave her as she heard her say "Rest well" a moment before the door closed.

That night Coral couldn't fall asleep. She was thinking of the possible actions Holley would do against her. And knowing Holley for quite some time, she could easily guess that she had her men already posted at her door to keep an eye on her. Holley would definitely not hesitate to torture her if she found her acting suspiciously again.

It was during breakfast when Coral went down for food. All the girls were free during the day, as the party wouldn't start until night. Of course, the term "free" only meant that they had nothing to do, but not that they were free to move around. The moment Sheryl saw Coral coming down, she winked at her to ask the question that they both knew. Coral responded with a slight shaking of her head and a bitter smile. Sheryl understood. And the two men in black behind Coral reaffirmed her answer—Coral failed.

"Sher, come and try the biscuit. Quick! It's really nice!" Susan was excited while she shoved the food to Sheryl's hand. She seemed to b

Sheryl emerged from the bathroom door, Susan was dumbstruck with her innate beauty and she couldn't take her eyes off her.

She had expected Sheryl to be beautiful, but the level of beauty in front of her now exceeded her imagination.

She regarded Sheryl in awe. "Sher, with that gown, you are so beautiful," she couldn't help complimenting.

"Yours is also good," Sheryl sincerely praised Susan as well.

Her eyes swept over Susan. She looked lovely in the crystal-studded pink gown, which reminded her of diamonds, stars, and morning dew. It had showcased her young body and had complimented her gem-like shiny legs.

"How great it is to be young!" Sheryl exclaimed.

"Sher, thank you. That's too much of a compliment," Susan acknowledged shyly.

Then they both heard someone knock at the door and ask, "Miss Xia, Miss Su, are you ready?"

"Yes," Sheryl casually replied. She opened the door. And there stood Holley with a big grin on her face.

At moment of surprise flashed in Holley's eyes, but she quickly suppressed it. She then commented with a polite smile, "I knew it would fit you."

Nonchalant, Sheryl didn't even trouble herself to say a polite "Thank you".

"Alright, since you are ready, then let's go now." Holley did not seem to care about Sheryl's cold reaction. It only made her sneer at the two before she turned her back around and led them out of the room.

Holley's man then gestured the way to the girls and said, "Miss Xia, please."

Susan felt defeated as they had no choice but to go. Sheryl was nervous and frightened too, but she forced herself to calm down. Noting the tight grip on her left hand, she gently squeezed it back. "Don't worry, I'm here," she softly reassured the scared girl. Glancing at Susan beside her, she was determined to be strong for both of them. She needed to be vigilant of what was about to happen, in order not to miss the slightest chance for her to escape.

Those words were like magic to Susan, giving her the courage that she desperately needed.

'That's right. Sher is still with me. There's nothing to fear about,' she thought.

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