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   Chapter 917 Don't Be Silly

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In the end, Sheryl decided to believe Coral. Her explanation was convincing because this was just the way she was. Coral wasn't offering to help Sheryl because she was kind-hearted. She knew how to use other people for her own benefit. She always put herself first.

After some hesitation, Sheryl said, "I can't call Charles from here. They have taken my phone. You have to call him for me."

Coral nodded. She got Charles' phone number from Sheryl and turned to leave. "I have to go now. I can't let Holley know that I was here. And rest assured, I will make the call," Coral told her.

"Thank you," Sheryl said in a low voice.

Susan breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally! A way out of here!" she said. "Sher, we should get some rest now."

"You go ahead," Sheryl said absent-mindedly. Though Coral had promised to help, she was still wary of the situation. Her instinct told her that it wouldn't go as smoothly as they expected. It was just too good to be true.

No, she couldn't put all her eggs in one basket. She needed to figure out other solutions besides Coral's help.

"Sher, what's wrong?" Susan looked at her in confusion. "Coral has promised that she will pass on your message to Charles. Why do you still look so tensed? Is something wrong?"

"I'm fine, Susan. Don't worry." Sheryl smiled at her and tried to make her feel at ease. "You go to bed first. I need to take a shower."

After leaving Sheryl's room, Coral didn't return to her own room. Since the phones in their rooms were only available for internal calls, and their cell phones had been taken by Holley, she had to make the call to Charles from outside.

Luckily, she was allowed to walk outside unlike Sheryl. So she decided to go to the lobby to borrow a phone from the hotel staff. However, the moment the lift door opened on the first floor, she saw Holley standing there, her face sullen.

"Miss... Miss Ye!" Coral stammered nervously. She lowered her head like a kid who had misbehaved and gulped nervously. She picked up the courage to look into her sharp eyes and asked, "It's really late, Miss Ye. You didn't go to bed yet?"

"How could I possibly sleep when you haven't gotten into bed yet?" Holley asked enigmatically. Holley had told her guards to keep a careful eye on Sheryl at a

thing more. I promise I didn't hurt her."

Coral's expression became hateful. She continued, "You already know that we didn't get along well with each other. I hate her arrogance! I didn't want to give up on this great opportunity to make her feel ashamed. Am I wrong, Miss Ye?"

"I wouldn't know." Holley gritted her teeth hearing the blatant lie. "There's a saying, 'Yesterday's enemy is tomorrow's friend.' How would I know if you went to Sheryl's room to taunt her or to make friends with her?"

Holley glared at Coral with an expression that made her tremble. "Coral, I recommend you think wisely before you choose a side. You should know who is in control right now. You will have hell to pay if you ever betray me."

She paused for her words to sink in and she watched as Coral's expression changed to that of pure terror. She snorted in satisfaction and continued to threaten her, "If I find out that you're plotting something with Sheryl, I will not be able to punish her, but I can do whatever I want with you. Think carefully! Unlike Sheryl, you don't have a powerful patron guarding your back. Getting rid of you will be child's play for me."

Coral's face became pale and her hands shivered in fear. "Tell me, Coral... Do you think that Sheryl will beg Charles to help you? You said yourself that you never liked each other. You think she'll save you?"

Holley patted Coral's shoulder and continued, "Coral, you are a smart girl. You have great potential and a bright future! Don't ruin it. Do you understand?"

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