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   Chapter 916 Coral's Help

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Coral went into the bathroom and took a shower. However, the mild water didn't make her feel comfortable and relaxed at all. She could feel that something wasn't right but couldn't figure out what exactly was going on. She was worried about what might happen to Sheryl. Sheryl might face a really bad consequence soon and she just couldn't help growing more and more unsettled about it. She couldn't even stop herself from thinking about it over and over. After a long while of consideration, she finally made up her mind that she should do something to help Sheryl. Otherwise, she might not get away with it herself if something terrible happened to Sheryl.

Coral had always been envious that Sheryl could easily get everything she dreamed of without making any efforts. However, she never resigned herself to that fact. Instead, she recognized Sheryl as her target, the one she had to defeat.

Thus, Sheryl's existence had been the reason for Coral to strive for excellence. She even unconsciously regarded that sort of jealousy as her motivator to work hard.

However, she got to realize how eager she was to fulfill her goal and that she started doing things by hook or by crook. She also thought that she shouldn't be taking any advantage of anyone simply out of envy. She couldn't sacrifice Sheryl's integrity to fulfill her ego. After all, a girl's reputation meant a lot!

Thinking of this, Coral couldn't wait to jump out from the bathtub, got herself prepared and then headed to where Sheryl was kept.

It was late at night. Sheryl and Susan were kept in the same room and there were two tough men in black standing outside. Although Sheryl and Susan were told that the two men were arranged to protect them, they both knew deep inside that they were actually kept under house arrest.

With a stern look, Coral arrived before the two security guys. Considering that the men knew who she was, she planned not to ask for their permission. She attempted to be composed and straightly enter. However, when she was approaching the door, two stout arms just stretched out from both sides before her and prevented her from taking a step forward. "You are not allowed to get in. What are you doing at this late hour?"

one of the two men in black asked her in a suspicious tone.

Coral got a little scared. She took a step back and almost lost her balance. The man's biting looks clearly made her feel nervous. "I..." she stammered, at a loss for words. She couldn't find a way to explain herself. All she had thought of was to come over to Sheryl and try to give her a hand if necessary. She'd never expected that there would be two tough guys waiting outside the room. Now she really was in trouble.

"If you don't have access into the room, please leave now. This is not where you are supposed to come," the other men said flatly.

"I am here for Sheryl. I need to talk to her." Coral managed to calm herself down and continued to reply in a solemn tone, "Miss Ye knows this."

The two looked at each other and hesitated for a while. Just a few seconds after, they finally made up their mind. They looked at Coral again, changed their tone and claimed in a fairly polite way, "All right, please don't stay too long."

Coral silently thanked all the gods for her quick wits. It was really risky to claim something like that in th

y?" asked Coral in an impatient tone. She was already frowning when she opened her mouth again. "I told you that we are running out of time. You'd better hurry up before Holly finds out that I am here."

"But why should I trust you?" Sheryl insisted on questioning Coral regardless of the woman's reaction. She continued, "How can I be sure that this is not another trap you and Holley set for me?"

"Can you..." Coral felt really at a loss for words. However, she could understand it, since she and Sheryl never really got along very well. She possibly might be reacting the same way if she were the one in Sheryl's shoes.

Thus, she gave Sheryl a wry smile and said, "Trust me, please. I won't play tricks on you at this time."

Sheryl kept silent while staring at her with a flat expression. That made Coral feel helpless since her real intention was just to show kindness to Sheryl. She briefly confessed, "I understand that you don't believe me. Nevertheless, Let me tell you why I choose to help you. It's simple. I don't want to be the next victim like you!"

Coral adjusted herself and gathered her thoughts. Then she continued, "To be honest, I thought she wouldn't have the nerve to put her hands on you because Mr. Lu wouldn't let her get away with that. But I was wrong. And then I got worried that she might treat me in the same way one day."

Coral paused and looked Sheryl enviously; then she mockingly smiled. "I'm not as lucky as you are. I have no one to turn to for help and have no powerful man to back me up. It would be much easier for Holley to do something crafty to me as long as she wants. So... the reason that I choose to give you a hand is not only for your good. More importantly, I do it for myself. I don't want to be her next target."

Sheryl was convinced since she believed that Coral spoke her mind at this moment. Although only Sheryl was Holley's target this time, this didn't mean that Holley would not do the same thing to others some day. Coral didn't want to be the next Sheryl.

"Does explaining things that way make you understand it better? Now, can you tell me if there is anything that I can help you with?" As Coral couldn't waste more time, she was eager to hear Sheryl's reply.

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