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   Chapter 915 The Perfect Strategy

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"What are you doing?" Sheryl panicked when she saw the man's rude behavior. She realized that Holley was set to destroy her in one fell swoop.

She frowned in frustration and stretched out her arms to grab her phone back. But the man was clearly stronger and taller than her. She couldn't possibly win against him.

He cast a glance in her direction and said, "We're confiscating your phone until the activity is done. If you want to go somewhere, we will accompany you. But we recommend that you remain silent. You never know when accidents might occur. Better safe than sorry." His voice was laced with clear warning.

Sheryl had never expected that they would keep her grounded. There was no way for her to contact Charles now, so she had to depend on herself to get out of here.

"Take her away," Holley commanded the man.

He nodded and turned to Sheryl. "Let's go."

Sheryl was compelled to go with him, but she was also plotting her escape.

Holley sneered at Sheryl's retreating figure. She hadn't told her about the next day's plans until now just in case Sheryl informed Charles about it.

She believed that this time she had gotten everything under her control and Sheryl had no way out.

"Miss Ye..." Coral watched as Sheryl was led away and realized that she had been telling the truth this whole time.

Coral needed money, but she didn't want to lose herself in the process of making it.

Holley turned towards the models and gave a cold smile. A chill ran through Coral's spine. "I know that all of you are confused right now. You are forced to believe that Sheryl was telling the truth, right?" she asked.

Everybody stayed quiet. Some of them whispered among themselves, but didn't raise their voices. Finally, Coral stepped forward and said, "Yes." She looked at Holley with furrowed brows. "Miss Ye, you know the financial conditions of every model here. We chose this career to make money and better the lives of our family. We do make use of our app

like that. 'Is it just because Sheryl quit her job?' she wondered.

Nobody was surprised that Sheryl had quit her job. But the way Holley had treated her was too horrible.

"Aren't you leaving?" another model asked Coral. The other models were relaxed, now that they knew they would be safe tomorrow. Coral was the only one who was still upset.

She felt sorry for Sheryl and couldn't help but worry about her own future.

"Yeah, I'm leaving now," she answered. She didn't say a word on their way back to the hotel.

A model tried to cheer her up, "Stop worrying. Miss Ye explained everything, right? It's none of our business. Moreover, you don't even like Sheryl. We should grab this chance to teach her a lesson so that she will never act so lofty and prideful before us again."

"Enough!" Coral shouted. She felt uneasy as she heard those words and became more anxious. She shouted at the model in rage, "Just shut up and leave me alone!"

The model glowered at her for not being grateful for her kind words. She turned around and walked towards the others, leaving Coral alone.

Coral scoffed in frustration when she saw the happiness in all their faces, as if nothing had happened.

'They are being too foolish. Holley has compelled Sheryl to sell her body this time. Who is going to be her next victim?'

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