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   Chapter 914 Men In Black

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"Susan, let's go." Sheryl pulled Susan's hand as she started to leave. Susan was in a daze. This was her first time to attend such an occasion, and she almost blanked out in shock. Good thing Sheryl willingly reached out to her, so she held her hand with all her might.

Whatever Sheryl told her, she would follow, with no questions asked. It was easy as following the only beam of light in the darkest night.

The two women were just about to reach the door when Holley suddenly called out to Sheryl, "Wait." She had been standing aside and remained silent throughout until now. She took a brief glimpse at Sheryl before she continued with a disdainful look, "So do you just want to leave like this?"

"Miss Ye, are you requesting me to stay?" Sheryl asked her back. She knew in her heart that it wasn't going to be so easy, so she was mentally prepared for what was going to happen next.

Darting a glance back at Holley, she thought, 'I'm not sure whether this woman is Holley or Yvonne. Regardless, she does not look to mean well. So the most important thing now is to leave this place. It will be dangerous for me to stay. The fact that she even stops me from leaving now means something may be up.'

"Sher, I don't want to force you as well," jeered Holley. "I made everything clear before you come here. I emphasized the importance of this event several times to make sure you would understand, and you agreed. But what happened next? It seems that you have forgotten what you've promised. Don't blame me now. I have to make you agree, no matter what it takes."

"I did agree," Sheryl responded coldly. "Do you still remember what you said? You didn't say that I would be a prostitute, did you?"

This was absolutely beyond the bottom line of morality for Sheryl. How could she agree to trade her body for money? In the first place, she wasn't short of money, and her self-respect and self-esteem wouldn't allow her to stoop this low as well. She didn't even want to accept money from Charles. So why would she agree to receive money from a complete stranger by spending a night with him?

"Don't be so rude, Sher," Holley tried to explain. "It's not prostitution. I have laid everything to you. The job simply requires you to serve drinks and wait at tables. It has nothing to do with sex."

Sheryl couldn't believe what she just heard. She walked up to Holley, her eyes fixed on her, and challenged her, "Miss Ye, you may have a way to fool those little girls with your fabulous story, but you can't fool me. I have been with Charles for quite some time. I have seen it myself and Charles has alerted me as well. Do you think I am so naive that I don't even know how your dirty business works?

Those rich men are having a filthy business behind what they call 'business meetings'. They deceive their innocent wives into believing they've been working hard. Yup, absolutely, they're working hard on the bodies o

ought her way back. "If you really mean what you said, why don't you do it yourself? Just set an example for us." The words from the smart woman again stimulated another round of turmoil.

"Yes, she's right." "It's not that we don't trust you, just that we're worried. If what Sheryl said is indeed true, there's no turning back for us."

"If Miss Ye takes part of this herself, we'll feel much more assured."

The effect of Sheryl's argument seemed to remain, and acted as a spark for more suspicion. The models kept chatting, asking and requesting. It almost drove Holley crazy. She had now lost control.

Darting a vengeful glare at Sheryl, she stormed at everyone, "Shut up! Follow my order, or else, you can have a try."

"What if we say no?" Sheryl confronted her with a cold face.

Holley just sneered at her and replied in contempt, "Well, you can have a try."

Sheryl found it strange that Holley still didn't block her way, but she had already decided that she should not stay any longer. She grabbed Susan and urged her to walk out. To her surprise, a group of men in black appeared in her sight the moment she opened the door. They stood right at the exit and wouldn't move their feet. Clearly they were not here to rescue her.

Standing firmly to block Sheryl's way, the man in front, who seemed to be the leader of the group, instructed her in his cool tone, "Miss, please go back in."

"What if I insist?" Sheryl now realized that she had underestimated Holley's means to confine her in this place and make her agree to her plan. Regret would do her no good. All she tried to think of now was how she could escape this place. However, before she could come up with anything to break out, the man in black already acted.

"I'm sorry." Having said that, the man forcefully took away Sheryl's and Susan's purses, where their mobile phones were. Now they had no way to get away or to contact anyone from outside. They were locked.

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