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   Chapter 913 The Final Advice

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Sheryl didn't plan to get involved, but what they said pissed her off. She stopped and walked up to Coral.

"What do you want?" Coral vigilantly looked at her and asked.

"Take it easy. I won't hurt you, but you need to watch your God damn mouth," Sheryl replied coldly. "I'm about to lose my patience,"

Coral sneered. "Why do I need to watch what I say? Did I say anything wrong?

Since you started in the company, no one but Sue welcomed you. You're even more disgusting to us now with your little tag-along.

Who do you think you are? It's not like Miss Ye is asking you for some special services. We all agreed to Miss Ye's arrangement. How dare you turn her down!

Do you think that we don't know how you got close to Mr. Lu? A whore can never hide her true colors by acting so pure."

The other models in the room, including Holley, laughed upon hearing her acrid words. Susan was infuriated and was about to argue with Coral, but Sheryl stopped her.

"Have you finished?" Sheryl asked as she approached Coral.

She sneered, "Not yet. I have a lot to say. So what? Are you scared, huh?"

She hadn't even finished her sentence when Sheryl's hand flew straight to her left cheek. The slap made a very clear smacking sound that it attracted everyone's attention.

Coral was shocked. She didn't expect that Sheryl could hit and humiliate her in public. "How dare you hit me?

Who the hell do you think you are?" she shouted. She tried to strike back but Susan immediately stopped her the moment she raised her hand.

Coral couldn't help but continue her cursing. "You dirty slut! Do you really think that Charles will love you? Don't be silly. How can he love a fucking whore with

e when she heard that.

She also heard rumors on what happened to those that the company had laid off.

It was easy for Charles to force BM Corporation to fire someone, and it was hard for those who got laid off to find another job in the same circle. They had lost their reputation, so they couldn't find any places in the circle of modeling.

They ended up being rich men's mistresses at last.

Coral didn't want to be like one of them, so she decided to keep her mouth shut.

No one dared to speak when Sheryl mentioned Charles.

She glanced around to look at the models and announced, "Look, I know you all dislike me. It's alright. I've handed in my resignation. So I'll leave as soon as Miss Ye agrees.

I want to give you a piece of advice before I leave. We're colleagues after all. Being mean and acrid isn't the right way to survive in the modeling circle.

You have to try harder if you want to progress quickly. Okay, I'm done here. Just pretend you don't know me and we can go our own ways."

Everyone in the room remained silent while she was making her final speech, if they were frightened by her vigor.

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